Braid Love

They say your hair is your crowning glory. If I am having a bad hair day pretty much everything goes wrong. A little shallow, but it is what it is.

I play around all the time. I like to keep things different. I’ve tried platinum blonde, platinum blonde on top with bright Ferrari red underneath, I’ve been brunette – I really wanted to try it since I am a natural blonde… but it just washed me out. I’m a true Blondie at heart. It also helps when I have my incredibly embarrassing blonde moments. I’ve tried short – not a great idea and so having long blonde hair can be boring.

I am having a mini love affair with braids at the moment! I’m growing my fringe/bangs out because I’m bored and it’s becoming annoying. Told you I like to change things up.

I remember my mom braiding my hair all the time. She was excellent at the French braid, the fishtail braid and the quick braid. I actually miss it. I think next time I visit; I’m going to hand her a hair brush and clips.

My braids are just not the same as moms.

A fishtail braid – must remember how to do this again… Mom?
French plait – a firm fave
Lindsay-Jade (my amazing stylist at Studio 9) braiding my hair
Something I need to try next…

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