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The best part of Christmas and holidays is spending it with people that you really love and appreciate and I’m incredibly blessed to have quite a few of those people in my life. Life is too short to spend it with people who are negative, with people who don’t have the best intentions for themselves or you, with those who like to knock you down because it makes them feel better about themselves and with those who don’t enhance your life and enrich your life for the better.

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by people who are sunshine in my life, always positive, always kind to everyone around them and just genuine, beautiful souls.

As you know, my soul sister/BFF Karolina and her husband, Filip have been here in Cape Town on holiday. It was extra special to have baby Gabriel with us too and we all can’t remember what life was like before he arrived – he’s a part of all of us now and it’s the most wonderful blessing of all.

I arranged a lunch with a few of my favourite people and I was thrilled that my Cape Town friends got to meet my best friend and vice versa. We headed over to The Grand for a delicious lunch, ice cold wine and our toes in the beach sand.

Gabriel and his Angels: Laura, Karolina and G, myself, Lisa, Kim and Sloane

My Godson, Gabriel and Sox’s Goddaughter, Sloane got to meet for the first time. They’re about 6 weeks apart in age and it was the most heart melting, adorable thing I’ve ever seen. They were fascinated with each other and Sloane instantly reached out to Gabe. Before we knew it, they were holding hands (which of course they stopped as soon as I whipped out my camera.)

Sox and I had to have a photo with our Godchildren and the series of photos are so darn cute… Especially when Sloane reaches out again, Gabe’s little lip starts trembling and he starts crying. I know, I sound like an awful person for saying it’s cute to see his crying face, but it just is – all squished up and adorable!

OH and I’m also VERY AWARE that I sound broody. I can assure you I’m not… I get to hand them back to Mom when they cry or have musical bums!

I’m sure Gabe was thinking Girls are gross! and I’ll have to remind him of this when he’s older!

Sloane on the other hand adores peek-a-boo and kisses from Uncle Sox.

My amazing friend Laura was there with the twins too and it was so much fun. I also think being surrounded by children at Christmas time is magical!

Kim, Sloane and Daniela playing in the sand…

It hasn’t been all babies, I promise…

I got in my last Sweat 1000 class before my Christmas travels begin – a bright Lumo Party! FUN!

Followed up by a delicious fruit platter for all of us…

I’ve been getting more and more into the Christmas spirit…

I’d also like to HIGH 5 myself for having all my Christmas shopping done on the 21st of December, which I feel is a huge improvement from last years Christmas Eve frenzy!

Baby steps, people. One day when I’m big, I’ll have Christmas shopping done by November.

I’ve been listening to Christmas playlists on 8tracks and wrapping my Christmas gifts.

Loving the Christmas decor at the V&A Waterfront…

I also can’t help but buy myself a few things… I know! Naughty habit! I just see so many wonderful things I’d like when I’m shopping for others… I had a Vinylux pedicure done – this colour is one of my faves: Cake Pop and I bought these sandals from Cotton On.

Christmas arrived early too when the doorbell rang and I received a delivery of Saint & Summer Dapper sandals in Coral. Lucky!! Their range is gorgeous and you can see it here: 

Tomorrow I fly up to Johannesburg to spend Christmas with my family. I’m really excited to be sleeping in my childhood bed, waking up on Christmas morning with my whole family and enjoying a day of scrumptious food and being grateful for all my blessings. It’s also the first time in over a decade that my whole family – aunts, uncles and cousins will be joining us for Christmas lunch, so it’s even more special! I only wish Sox could join us.

I’ll be taking a mini break over this festive period and return to blogging soon, but you can follow everything that’s happening by finding me on Instagram (@vanillablondebailey) and Twitter (@BaileySchneider) and Facebook, which I’d appreciate you liking, if you haven’t.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and Festive Season. I hope you get spoilt rotten, eat too many mince pies and don’t forget to wish Jesus a very Happy Birthday – may we never forget why we celebrate Christmas in the first place!

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