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I’ve been doing Linda Smith Harvey’s Abundance Money School since March. It’s a bi-weekly webinar where a group of us from all over the country and the world connect online in an online class room, if you will… aka me in my comfy onesie, a cup of tea (sometimes wine), my notebook to take notes and my laptop.

When I first embarked on this journey, I was skeptical.

Sorry Linda.

I wasn’t sure how I would be able to triple my income (without killing myself in work), save or even have a better relationship with money, but I anxiously signed up and had a “Here goes nothing…” attitude.

Well, well, well… it has been LIFE CHANGING!

I really want to share this amazingness with you, because I feel like that’s what besties do! They look out for each other.

It’s amazing how the topic of money makes people uncomfortable. It’s still such a taboo subject that no one wants to discuss.

Yet, money is a part of our every day life. It affects all of us.

Money is an energy – so do you have a positive energy towards money or a negative energy?

Think about that. If you’re constantly worried that you don’t have enough, you’ll keep attracting “not enough.”

OK, so how do we change that? Linda, of course.

I’m on Session 9 out of 12 and we have gone through saving, how to get out of debt, how to triple income and how to change our money stories and attitude/gratitude towards money.

I can’t explain how much my life has changed since I’ve done this, but I’ll try:

1. I’m so grateful for what I have in the bank. When did you last look at your bank balance (no matter what it is) and be thankful for what is there? I’m also grateful for everything else in my life too and we have been doing 100 days of gratitude. Grateful for the cups of coffee or tea that get made for me, the open parking bays that appear right outside where I need to be. Grateful for the extra work coming in. Grateful for the pedicure voucher I was given… Just full of gratitude. Guess what, the more you’re grateful for, the more good comes your way. Science.

2. I have new money mantra’s I say every morning, whilst I’m in the shower or I say them in my mind whilst I brush my teeth like: I am a money magnet. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways. I have enough.

In the beginning, to be honest, I felt a bit silly, but it’s amazing how just saying them , changes my whole day and makes me feel happier and more positive. It’s very powerful (and they’re free… so why not try it?)

3. When my debit orders start going out of my account at the end/beginning of each month and I wake up to all the SMS notifications; instead of feeling the normal dread, I do this now.

4. I have started saving. I’m up to 30% of saving whatever I earn, which is miraculous for me.

5. I have a completely different attitude to debt. It’s suddenly not such a bad 4 letter word, it’s completely manageable and not so scary to tackle.

Linda’s course is absolutely AMAZING and I can’t urge you enough to find out more about the webinar… You can see more here

TONIGHT Linda is hosting as FREE Introduction Webinar where you can really get amazing insight into financial freedom… You definitely won’t be sorry. Click here.

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