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6 Positive Self-Talk Tips + 5 Free Wallpapers

Positive self-talk is something we hear about a lot in the wellness arena. We know how powerful affirmations can be, because it’s the age old “what you think is what you receive/create/believe…” Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. When you give them energy by saying them out aloud, you amplify that.

Words of Affirmation don’t only make you feel good, but they actually have health benefits too. Global studies have shown that the activity of positive self-talk reduces symptoms of stress, pain and anxiety.

But what happens if you can’t get over the awkwardness of doing it? Do we really have to talk to ourselves out loud to feel better?

In Season 2, episode 2 I share:

6 Ways to Make Self-Affirmations Feel Less Cringeworthy and Cheesy:

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I’ve created 5 FREE mobile wallpapers with positive self-talk mantras that you are welcome to download and save. I’ve made them more personal with “I” statements, rather than just the mantras we usually see on home goods. Each time you pick up your phone, I want you to read it (preferably out aloud) and I hope it boosts your day!

Which one have you downloaded?

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