Disney vs Reality

I am a typical girl when it comes to having this picture in my head of how things should be or how I would like them to be. I blame Disney and the “Happily Ever After.”

The reality is, they very rarely turn out the way I pictured. I should know this by now, and yet… there I go daydreaming.

At the time, depending on what it is, I can be a little disappointed. In hindsight, however, things always work out exactly the way they are meant to and even better, but in a different “picture” form.

If you are not a typical girl (or even a guy reading my blog – are there any men reading?) then you may not have a clue about what I’m talking about, so let me give you an example.

When I moved to Cape Town, I already had a boyfriend. We had been doing long distance for just under a year (11 months to be precise. I’m a girl. Obviously I know this…)

I wanted to ensure that I created my own life and had moved down for all the right reasons, plus I wanted to give our relationship an opportunity to organically grow, so I didn’t move in straight away with my boyfriend. I moved into my own place (with a housemate) and honestly thought it would be a temporary solution.

*Girl moment*… In my head/how I had pictured it, I thought: “Boyfriend will be so enamoured in having me live in the same city as him, that he will be so madly in love and adore having me around. He won’t be able to bare not having me permanently in his home, and after 6 months of me living in Cape Town, he’ll be begging me asking me to move in with him.”

*Reality*1 year later, boyfriend finally mentions that we should think about moving in together. No begging. Just a casual conversation.

*Girl moment*... I start obsessing over Pinterest and pinning decor ideas to “Home Sweet Home” (in my defence, this board was created long before boyfriend was even around, so I don’t look completely mad. And no, I don’t have a wedding board, so there!)

I start picturing what it will be like… Here we go: As I live with a housemate and he lives with a housemate, we will both move into a new, neutral place together, so we both have a fresh start. A new milestone in our fantastic relationship.

We will unpack boxes of our new plates and cutlery (bought together, obviously), there will be a bottle of wine open, music playing… something like this, oh and don’t forget the painting scene. We will paint our new apartment together and you know, splash paint over each other, romantically, while laughing.

*Reality* … Sox has bought an apartment (very exciting) but it isn’t ready to move into yet. Thanks Murphy’s Law. My housemate needed his brother to move in, so I was suddenly scouring rental sites looking for a place to rent short term. Almost impossible to find and highly stressful. So… Sox came up with a solution. Instead of the fresh, neutral place; I moved in with Sox and his housemate, Giggs.

2 guys, a girl and 1 bathroom.

Not quite the romantic idea I originally had.

But you know what? It has been absolutely awesome and full of it’s own adventures. We all get on so well. I personally think the men are loving that I make copious amounts of tea, cappuccino’s and meals.

So it hasn’t panned out exactly how I thought it might, but it always has a way of working out. It’s taken the pressure off trying to find something short term and it’s actually been really fun.

I’ll have fun stories to tell in the future, like how I sort of flooded the bathroom, the first time I used it.

Boys, clearly don’t shower as long as girls, since they don’t have legs to shave… Obviously over time, they hadn’t really checked the drains. On my very first shower, I suddenly realised my ankles were in water and when I looked out, water had sloshed onto the bathroom floor.

I think it’s only natural to have certain ideas of how you hope things will be, but the lesson is learned. There is no point in trying to plan everything out, because life happens when you’re making other plans.

Reality can sometimes be even more exciting than the Disney-fied version in your head, you just have to be open minded and go with the flow.

I will say, I cannot wait to create a home. I’m excited and I know, I know… I’m going to go with the flow, besides…. Everything happens exactly the way it’s supposed to. I’ll certainly be enjoying the journey.

PS. I hope you enjoyed the gifs, that they played properly and made you laugh!

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