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Manna Epicure

If you read the heading quite quickly, you probably thought it was some new fancy manicure. It’s actually the name of a restaurant.

We really are spoilt with restaurants and delicious food here in Cape Town. When I originally moved to Cape Town I wanted to explore it all. I was and still am (in essence) brand new to Cape Town and whilst I’d love to explore all the time, it’s different now that I live here. When I would be in the city for short bursts of time – holiday or business; because the time was so limited, I would fit so much in and explore so much more.

Now I feel like it’s all at my finger tips, anytime I want. I’ve hit that dangerous “take it for granted” zone, but the good news is that I’m aware of this and have quickly stepped it up. Oh and I have still kept that personal pact I made with myself… I don’t take living by the ocean for granted.

The other night I went for dinner with my awesome friend, Laura. We were going to go to our usual, but decided to try something different, thanks to our friend Giggs’ suggestion, so you can know this is a completely genuine post and not a sponsored one.

We went to Manna Epicure on Kloof Street. I had never seen it before and when we walked in, the warmth invited us in, along with a mixture of delicious aromas.

I fell in love quickly with the white beachy decor, the impressive cakes and fresh bread on display and the menu with a hard-to-choose-I-want-it-all variety.

The meal and wine was so good and I promised I’d be back.

Sunday was a strangely warm day. The day before was the Winter Solstice – a happy time for me as it’s the countdown to Summer. I just didn’t expect to experience a Summery day quite so soon. No complaints. I loved that I hardly needed a jacket.

Sox suggested lunch with some of our friends and I immediately suggested Manna Epicure. We arrived first, quickly put together a table of 8 and ordered tea for me and a flat white coffee for Sox.

Kim, Marc and Sweetpea (only a few weeks to go until we meet this precious soul) arrived and so did Michaela, Johnny and their gorgeous twins: Jordan and Zana. I absolutely adore them.

Michaela and Zana, what a gorgeous mother – daughter team!
Kim and Zana rocking the buns

Zana and Sox always get on so well…Zana always plays hard to get in the beginning, especially when it comes to her hugs. What a smart, smart girl!

I’m not sure what their conversation was about, but I’ll translate

“Here Sox, ballerina’s put their arms up like this…”

“I can’t believe you’re not trying it… I’m done with you!!”

“Ok fine, you can make it up to me by giving me your bracelet…”

“I definitely look much cooler than you with your glasses on…”

“Don’t even try to tell me otherwise!”

Zana and Bailey Selfie Time
Zana, Michaela, Kim and Sweetpea

As for the food… feast your eyes (no pun intended) on this beauty. I ordered the creamy mushrooms with truffle oil, parmesan cheese and a soft poached egg on top of coconut bread.

Jordy and Zana with their carrot cake slices for dessert

After our meals, Sweetpea started moving. Michaela and I held our hands on Kim’s belly while she moved around. It still blows my mind how a little person is formed inside of you – each and every cell is developed inside of your body to create organs, skin, eyelashes, teeny tiny fingernails etc. There is a little human being with a soul, a personality, an exciting future ahead inside your body right now. Such an amazing miracle!

I realise I sound slightly crazy. Yes, I know how nature works… I just find it so incredible, don’t you?

After very full bellies and great company, Sox and I said our goodbyes and chilled watching the World Cup Soccer.

I’m absolutely loving this World Cup – the soccer has been incredible.

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