Water Weekend

This past weekend was an absolute scorcher. Everyone always says that February is Cape Towns best, but I think April is the best kept “secret.”

There is no wind, the temperatures are hot and the sky is an intense blue. It is just perfect.

I even remember last year… everyone said I was crazy to move in “Winter”; but it only started getting cold mid May and I had moved down expecting to be wrapped up in jerseys and instead I was lying on the beach.

The temperatures showed at least 34/35 degrees but it felt hotter.

That kind of heat is stifling and draining, but it’s too much of a shame to keep indoors. The only thing to do is spend it in the pool.

Both Sox and I are Aquarians, water bearers – it’s hard to keep us out of the water.

I have also been dying to play with my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver underwater. The quality of video and picture is amazing… I’ve put together a quick montage video of my weekend (Friday I was in Durban, Saturday and Sunday was back in Cape Town at 2 pools)

Oh and on a side note… I take my hat off to editors. OMG. This took me ages for only a few minutes, but I love putting it together, playing with different techniques, putting it to music. I can get happily lost.

Also… I don’t know why it’s pixilated on the YouTube channel when I uploaded it as HD quality and it’s crystal clear when I watch it in the editing format. Anyone know?

I’ve posted it onto my YouTube channel here: Water Weekend

PS. You have until tomorrow to enter the Melissa’s Easter Hamper Giveaway. The competition is in the blog post underneath this one. Good Luck 😉

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