The faces of Duke

I haven’t done a post on Duke in a while and I know he is the little star of my blog.

He is 8 and a half months old and in my mind he is still a puppy. Reality is he is a monster. A cute monster. He is close to 30kgs. He was the king of the litter, the biggest pup and I knew he was going to be a brut of a bulldog, I just didn’t know he would be this big.

Big Puppy Duke at 5 weeks old being held by the breeder…

It doesn’t matter how big he is, he is still goofy and puppy like and his personality is unbelievable. I wish I could capture his essence and blog it. The closest I can get to showing you a little bit of that, is through his facial expressions. He has so many and they are priceless…


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