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I’m going to say something that may elicit many gasps of shock.Here goes…

Deep Breath…

I don’t get what the big deal is about… Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Yes. I said it.

Maybe I’m missing something. I remember the first time I tried one. I was super excited. Finally I was going to try the delight that people around me had been talking about for ages, and looked at me like I’d been hiding under a rock when I said I hadn’t had one.

Admittedly it looked really gorgeous and as I bit into it, I expected the orgasmic explosion of something, well, velvety. I still remember looking around and thinking “Wait… I think I have the wrong thing. This tastes like normal chocolate cake. Red coloured chocolate cake.”

I’ll also never forget the look I got when I said that. Clearly not the right thing to say.

I mean sure… they’re delicious, but I don’t get what the big deal is and why everyone raves on about them. I know it’s very hipster to indulge in them but I think that maybe people around me raved about them so much that when I finally sunk my teeth into them I was left a little disappointed.

I can hear you are still gasping, so you may fall over when I say this: They’re just chocolate cupcakes with a red tinge and cream cheese icing.

Admittedly, they do look incredibly gorgeous…

I guess I was expecting something incredible after the hype. The name sounds amazing: red velvet… I was expecting melt in your mouth explosions. Sure, the icing is delicious, but I prefer that icing on carrot cake.

Apparently the new trend is now the Blue Velvet Cupcake…

Am I alone in this or have I lost the point of the RVC?


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