Spring Clean Gems

I honestly don’t know what it is about this season that brings about an urge to suddenly un-clutter, tidy and reorganise. I have had a bee in my bonnet and I’ve been Spring cleaning.

I’m going with it… I’m sure this urge will soon wear off.

I am an absolute lover of accessories. The problem is I have accumulated so many beautiful pieces over the years, but they sit hidden in a drawer and I forget about what I have.

I’ve also had those lovely mannequins but after a while the necklaces become so over-draped and tangled that again, I don’t see whats on the very bottom.

I have been trying to figure out how to store them so that I can see each piece properly and they’re easily accessible.

I tried a DIY project over the weekend with “S hooks” and a hanger for my necklaces, but it didn’t look good and it didn’t really work all that well and was more of a headache than a solution.

I finally found some trays and while it may not be the prettiest solution, it is so practical and has made my life so much easier.

Organised and colour coordinated.

I also cleaned out my hanging jewellery organiser and I’m now storing extra bracelets, bangles and hooped earrings.

I have my hand statue that was actually a tea light candle holder, but I use it for all my rings.

This beautiful heart bowl I purchased in Franschhoek holds a few extra pieces in it too.

It has reminded me of how much I adore accessories and I’m looking at my clothes differently now.

I’ve also found a little holder for my hair clips and ties and for my extra make-up that doesn’t live in my make-up bag.

Everything is so accessible now and visible, not drowning in a drawer.

How do you store your jewellery?


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