Sissy Boy Denim Alchemy

A few weeks ago, I received a knock on my door. A woman in a white lab coat was standing there with a box in her hand and a few instructions. I was so surprised I just nodded at everything she was saying. Suddenly the box was opened, water poured on and from the dry ice inside, the steam poured out – all very mad scientist like.

What a cool invitation – an actual experience – to invite me to the Sissy Boy Denim Alchemy event.

I arrived after my radio show and walked into a white room set up with chairs, mannequin’s wearing jeans and story boards.

The food set out was beautifully displayed in the theme of Science. Soup in test tubes, the most delicious jelly and custard in syringes – what fun.

This was by far the best food I have ever experienced at any event. It was easy to eat, mess free and truly mouth watering. In keeping with the denim theme, there was also blue velvet cake and blueberries.

Fries with a red pepper aioli

Prawns in lemon butter
Jelly and Custard

These were taken fresh from the oven and I loved the cinnamon taste

OK, I wasn’t there for the food (although you might not be able to tell from the way I’ve gone on) but I was just so impressed with it and I always believe in giving credit where it is due. Bravo to Annalize Buchanan for the catering.

Moving on. Promise.

I got to meet the the denim man himself, Ronald Sassoon. He spoke about his fashion career in denim, took us through the process of how denim has evolved, techniques created – for example how snow wash denim came about (by mistake) in 1986 – Sissy Boys first success – and I sat there fascinated.

Denim Alchemy is the technology of new fabrics from fabrics having a fabulous scent when you walk, to waterproofing etc. There is so much research being done in improving fabrics, denim and fashion.

Ronald Sassoon went on to say: “You can’t build a brand unless you really look after your product. The minute you think you know how to do it; that’s your last day. It’s all about evolving, improving and learning.”

Bailey Schneider, Trevor Stuurman, Talya Goldberg, Zahrah Perry and Ronald Sassoon

We were given swatches of fabric and taken through them.

Minus One doesn’t stretch out. You know when you put a pair of jeans on and by the end of the day they’ve stretched out, well, with this fabric it keeps your shape and actually makes you look a size smaller – hence the name Minus One.

8th Wonder is 100% stretch which is pretty incredible, because most stretch denim used in Jeggings is only at 40%.

The Washroom is where the denim goes for laundry – various chemicals are used to create various stains and looks. They also sand the jeans to get texture and those trendy looks we love so much.

The staining process

Fit is all about proportion. Something may be trendy now, but if it doesn’t look good on you stay away from it. Know your body and wear what flatters.

 After the presentation, we got to see the new range due out in the next month or two. I’ve already mentally shopped – there are a pair of lace shorts that I am in love with. Need.

Sadly my photo didn’t come out properly. I have the mental image though. Will be in search of them.

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