Sick days and the week ahead…

This is how I spent my weekend…

Sick in bed with an upper respiratory infection. Awesome.

I hate being sick and I know no one likes it, but I actually think I got MAN FLU … and that is a million times worse than just being sick. I have been feeling very sorry for myself. It’s amazing how one day you can feel fine and the next you are (wo)man down.

I event went to the doctor… I tried the home remedies but they weren’t working, so I have antibiotics now. I truly hope that this leaves me soon.

I also have the winner of the Milky Foot competition… I got so many amazing emails and stories… they were all so great that I actually couldn’t choose. To be fair, I took your names, put them on pieces of paper and randomly picked a winner.

Congratulations to: Thato

Here was her message:

Hi Bailey

I think, no in-fact I know I desperately need milky feet, because I am super guilty of not taking care of my feet. i am always wearing sneakers and i know my feet need to breathe a bit, my feet deserve so much better! My feet would love me forever if I treated them with milky feet. 

Here’s to great feet!



I will be sending your package to you soon! Thanks for entering… I’m going to be doing a LOT more giveaways of some amazing prizes.

In other news: I will be flying down to Cape Town tomorrow and I cannot wait. I adore that city. I’m flying down to Paternoster for a little break…

I’ll be here:

I then return back to Cape Town for the weekend.

Really looking forward to having a mini break. I have Susana Kennedy filling in for me on my 2Oceansvibe radio show Tuesday – Thursday 2-3pm. Susana will also be joining Karolina on the BFF show on Tuesday 3-5pm, as a guest presenter so in advance, thank you Susana for being there with Karolina on her show, while I can’t be and for doing my show… Have fun!

I won’t be lost on radio altogether… I’ll be joining Sox on his Sox in the City show on Friday 3-5pm on 2Oceansvibe, so it’s going to be great fun!

I am going to try blog while I’m down there, but in case I don’t get a chance to, I’ll return next week with all my news and photos to go with it.

Before I go, here are a few photos of Duke this week. I cannot get enough of his face and his wriggly body. He is such a happy boy with the most incredible character. I don’t think my photo’s ever do him justice or really capture just how special his soul is.

I captured him sitting very nonchalantly on the couch with his arm on the rest… Duke the Man…

All I need is the TV remote and a scotch…

I love the way his tongue curls up with his little teeth that stick out. Too cute.


I’m really going to miss this face when I’m away.

Have a great week!


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