Thankful Thursdays: Sunflowers, friends and anniversaries

There is something absolutely wonderful about Sunflowers. I really ADORE them. They are my favourite flower and when ever I see them… whether in a vase or in a field they brighten my day. I think they look like they have smiling faces. Maybe it’s just me.

I didn’t have a great day yesterday… We all have those crappy days but when you have the most amazing people in your life who try to turn that frown quite literally upside down, that’s when you realize how blessed you are.

A beautiful bunch of sunflowers and chocolates arrived at work yesterday from someone incredibly special to me. It made my day. It really was such an incredible gesture that touched my heart and it made me take a step back and reassess. Suddenly the problems didn’t seem so bad when I look at how I have such supportive, caring, thoughtful and amazing people in my life.

Thank you for being in my life. You know exactly who you are.

Today is also my mom and dads wedding anniversary. They have been married for 32 years today. They dated for 7 years before they got married and I find it completely inspiring.

My parents are solid, they are best friends, they love each other deeply, they care about one another, they respect each other and they still laugh with each other or is that at each other. Kidding.

I love when my mom and dad steal little kisses or when my dad leaves post-its all over for my mom to find. They are romantic after all these years and it is beautiful, amazing and inspiring.

Thank you for being the best role models and for being the best husband and wife… You have to be that first before you can be great parents. Blessed.

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