Nature’s Lift Blemish Defense Review

I get break outs at the most irritating times. I suppose every time is irritating, but it’s like they show up on purpose when I really really don’t need them to, like on the day of a photo shoot or a TV shoot. As a teenager, they also used to pop up before dates, school dances and honestly, I thought I had done my time… yet they haunt me every so often as an adult.

I was introduced to a product that I wish had been around when I was a teenager, but I’m so glad I’ve found it – it’s never too late really.
Nature’s Lift Blemish Defense comes in a 3 part pack. It Cleanses, Tones and Repairs.
If you have particularly bad skin and acne, you will see results within 5 days. It also combats multiple symptoms of blemishes, rapidly clears breakouts and helps to prevent future breakouts.

In clinical studies, when the three products are used together, there was a 50% reduction of pustules within just one day, and 75% reduction success rate for even the most severe blemish lesions within 15 days.

You might think I am strange, but as the ingredients are practically all natural – it doesn’t have that typical “beauty” smell. To me the Deep Cleanser smells like a mild orange flavoured chocolate, the Clarifying Toner smells like lemonade and the CS28 Moisturiser smells like those Cola Fizz Pops.

My skin isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be as a teenager, but I find I break out once a month. Thanks hormones! I also tend to get my breakouts on my back and my chest (sometimes), so I used the products there too.

The bottles are little, but a little goes a long way. In fact when I poured out the Deep Cleanser for my photo, I actually poured a little too much (see pic below.)

You really only need half of that.

I have been using my products for over a month now and I still have product left.

Now don’t be alarmed… At first my skin felt like it was getting worse and I immediately wanted to stop the product, but when I read up about it, I was told that if you just continue with the product you will see how it truly works. What happened to me was that the products were actually drawing out the problems that were lying under the surface (that were going to pop out anyway) and then helped heal quite quickly, within 2 days of me continuing with the morning and evening routine.

I haven’t had a bad breakout since and my skin feels so much healthier.

Does this count as a #NoMakeUpSelfie ?

Erm – not sure why my hand looks so orange here. Bad lighting, sorry.

Natures-Lift CS28 Lotion is 70% Organic. It’s a light lotion with maximum strength blemish fighting ingredients, like Silver Citrate, Coriander and Tamanu, which combats the multiple symptoms of blemishes.

You can order the products online at for R400 or alternatively buy them at Dischem.

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