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Treatments and Pink Hair

On Monday morning I headed off to Scar Hair for a treatment my stylist, Brittny had raved about.

It’s called: L’ANZA Healing Haircare and it’s a Keratin Healing Oil emergency service. Critical care for distressed hair.

My poor hair really gets abused with all the curling/straightening I do for my job.

Some of the treatments I’ve experienced in the past need to be done a few times before they start working properly.

This worked INSTANTLY and I always feel a bit cliched in saying this, but my gosh… my hair was like silk, super shiny (which is a big plus being blonde… isn’t it funny how dark hair shines much more than blonde hair?) and felt healthy and strong.

The treatment is quick… My hair was shampoo’d and rinsed. Part A (Thermal Therapy) was applied (it smells delicious) and then my hair was wrapped in plastic and I was put under heat for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, it was rinsed out and Part B (Cream Cure) was applied – it’s a leave-in conditioner. My hair was blow dried and voila, I was ready to go.

I love having my hair done, it always puts a spring in my step and makes me want to swish my hair around like I’m auditioning for a hair commercial.*

*I probably look ridiculous, but I really don’t care.

Book your treatment at Scar Hair. Call (021) 422 – 5900

Speaking of hair, I was invited to the Easihair Pro launch for Breast Cancer on Tuesday evening. They’re a range of hair extensions and have pink strands you can add to show your support for those with breast cancer ahead of October being Breast Cancer month. They’re R150 and the proceeds will go towards the charities.

Champagne was flowing, sushi was plentiful and Molly entertained us with her funny personality and songs.

We had the option of having our pink strands installed that night or keep them for another time! There is no time like the present and I sat down to have it applied.

Zoë and I…

Julia and I with our pink strands…

Jasna, Zoë, Danelle and I with our strands…

 To find out more click here.

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