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I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged lately… It’s been crazy busy but wonderful.

Last Thursday evening, Lisa, Kim and I headed to the V&A Waterfront for the VIP launch of H&M. It was crazy with the number of people all dressed up, red carpet ready and more importantly, ready to browse shop!

My first impression of the store is:

1. It’s massive and beautifully done – no expense has been spent and the escalator and glass is pretty impressive.

2. The prices are impressive and I really hope they stay this way and don’t creep up. H&M is supposed to be an affordable brand – but with our exchange rate, we shall see.

3. I love the selections – the kiddies section, the menswear section (I shopped for Sox), the home ware section and of course the ladies section.

The only thing is because there were so many people at the opening it was quite difficult to really browse and shop properly. That, however, didn’t stop me and I still managed to do quite well.

I mentioned on SnapChat that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. I brought along a pair of ballet pumps in my bag so that I could swop my heels out for them if the shopping went on a while.

I’m so glad I did.

On Saturday morning, I was like a kid at Christmas as I woke up earlier than usual. I headed off to gym to get a workout in, a shower in and then rushed to the airport.

My Mom was arriving for a visit and I have been so happy to have her here. We have spent such awesome quality time together and it’s flown by. I’m really sad she’s leaving Wednesday morning.

We have had long chats over wine until 2am, we visited the Oranjezicht market…

We watched the rugby – I laughed a lot at my Mom shouting at the TV screen – all whilst we gave each other manicures. As you do. Obviously.

On Sunday, the 2 Moms, Sox and I headed off to Greyton to show the mom’s our new venue. It’s just magnificent!

Sox and his mom, Dimitra

You can’t come to Cape Town and not go to the beach. We took the scenic quick drive to Camps Bay, got some take aways from Caprice and ate them on the beach, in the hot mist…

We also went for my very first wedding dress fitting with my amazing designer. I basically had the mock up fitting and got to show my Mom the sketch design of my dress.

It felt surreal, exciting and extra special having my Mom with me.

I’m extremely sad to be taking her to the airport just now. Time literally flew by, but I’m so grateful for the awesome time.

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