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I’ve hit the ground running since returning from my holiday! I arrived in Johannesburg for the week and got back to Cape Town on Tuesday evening.

I have to say… Even though I was in Joburg, with my friends and family – I couldn’t wait to get home. That jolted me when I suddenly realized that Joburg will always be home, but my real home now is Cape Town and I definitely felt it. It was a good epiphany to know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Here are some snaps from the past crazy, good week…

I missed this little boy… Can’t believe he’s going to be 3 in November!

Joburg Sunset

Duke waits for us to turn over his toy basket before he chooses his favourite toy. It’s so funny.

Catch ups with my best friends is the best!

I had lots of work and loads of emails to wade through… Duke had other ideas…

Joburg really seems to miss Spring. It goes from cold to 30 degrees. Love the sunshine.

I brought back some nail polishes from Greece. I’m having a love affair with yellow as I mentioned in my previous post. This is pastel lemon so pretty for Spring.

Life is Good. Enjoy.

I’m not the only one who has been traveling. My mom and dad went to Peru, South America in August. It’s been a dream of my mom’s ever since I can remember. She brought back these high tops in Peruvian material. I absolutely adore them.

Duke adores my mom’s cooking… Can you tell from the drool?

On the 4th of September, Karolina had her baby boy Gabriel Dominik Rafalski. I have the incredible honour of being this baby boys Godmother. I couldn’t be prouder of my beautiful friend and I am absolutely in love with this little soul. His cuddles and baby breath is just my best.

 I burst into tears when I met him – he is just absolutely perfect!

Not only did Karolina have her baby boy, but another good friend, Rene and Spiro had a baby boy 3 days prior on the 1st of September. I got to meet the cutie pie that is Jaden Dean Skiathos…

Jaden Dean, Rene and Ismini

After seeing what my friends have gone through, I definitely know you need to be ready for a baby (or at least as ready as can be)… I took advantage of some “me time” on a lazy Sunday and moved from bed to the pool.

This is what I saw on my way to visit Filip, Karolina and Gabriel on Sunday when they were coming home form the hospital.

Yes. I did a double take too.

Oh and of course I try to maximise the photo’s I take of Duke whilst I am in Jozi… He’s never all that impressed.

Sox stayed in Greece for an extra 2 weeks (brat) and I have missed him so much. I sent him morning kisses. I’m a dork, I know.

I found this little guy… decided not to kiss him. My Prince is arriving home this afternoon and I’m so excited!

I returned home to Cape Town on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning, I hit the ground running. I had a meeting with some social media clients, a voice over and the new Nicci Boutique Summer launch at the V&A Waterfront.

Look… Happiness!

I have really missed being ON AIR at 2Oceansvibe radio. It felt so good to switch on that microphone. I had such a fun, busy show with Kahn Morbee from the Parlotones on (he’s launching his solo album “Milk” out soon. No, the Parlotones are not breaking up.) I also had the band Zebra and Giraffe on air. So much fun.

Kahn serenaded me…ahem, my listeners.

Oh and… I am on the cover of this months Wine Extra Magazine. There’s also a really great article inside where I spill my secrets (excuse the pun.) You can read it here:

It’s the weekend, the weather looks like it’s going to behave! It feels good to be home! Happy weekend!

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