I’ve been planning…  my new adventure and journey. I’m so excited, scared, happy, nervous… *insert adjective here.*

I’ve been eating…. relatively healthy. I’m trying to cut out the bad carbs… This cooler weather isn’t helping.
I’ve been dreaming about…. the strangest things. I don’t always remember my dreams, but t

have been some funny ones lately!. Perhaps I shouldn’t watch the Crime Channel or Discovery channel

before bed.

I’ve been splurging on…. some winter essentials. Autumn has hit Johannesburg. It’s definitely colder

in the mornings and evenings and the sun is setting a little earlier than usual. Particularly happy with my

mint green beanie.
I’ve been reading… the various blogs I follow, James Patterson’s 10th Anniversary and course notes –

Yes, I’m going back to “school” on the 19th of April.
I’ve been wearing…. jeans and blazers. My warm, white fluffy robe has also made a few appearances

in the cool mornings and evenings.
I’ve discovered…. that no matter what, you have to live your dream, take risks and know that some

people will try to put you down. I just use it as extra ammo in my ambitions. Knowledge is power.
I’ve been struggling with…. drinking enough water, not exercising as often as I’d like to and trying

to get everything done on my “To Do” list. They seem to be getting longer instead of shorter.
I’ve been happy about…some amazing opportunities, inspirational and supportive friends and family,

love, my new adventure.

I’ve been creative… in my writing and my photography.
I’ve been inspired by… this and these…

PS. I have to give credit, where credit is due. I found this type of blog post here and “borrowed” it. Thank you 🙂

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