Last of the Holiday

Even though we were only in Plett for 3 days, we loved every moment. It was definitely too short, but it was better than nothing. It was great to have a change of scenery and boy oh boy, the scenery at Kalu House is superb.

It’s always great to catch up with our good friends The Allens, who own Kalu House, and the rest of the crew. As always, this will be a photo heavy post, so if you have Post Holiday Blues, perhaps for a few minutes you can come on holiday with me…

I have to admit I never packed a hairdryer, hair straightener/curler and I didn’t pack make-up. I wanted a break from it all and it actually felt so good not to do anything but moisturise and apply suntan lotion. It’s good to be more natural and I’m doing my best to embrace it.

I’m also getting used to my sombré hair in it’s natural state…

Good Morning!
Dress from “The Lot”

Getting dressed and ready literally took me 5 minutes tops without doing hair and make-up. It was off to a breakfast of boiled eggs, fresh fruit, yoghurt and my home made nut granola and coffee.

Friends of ours, Yaron and Teri’s little boy, Matt wanted a haircut and Sox offered. Scissors and trimmers were snipping and buzzing away and once it was all done, we held our breaths waiting for the 5 year olds opinion. We were thrilled when he did his very own little Happy Dance. Too cute for words!

After the hair cut we all grabbed our beach gear and headed to Robberg Beach.

Hat from Cotton On and Nails painted in Vinylux “Cake Pop”

There is nothing better than eating cold fruit on a hot summers day. Cold litchis had no chance with all of us.

Poor Kate was stung by a blue bottle, which came up in horrible welts, so we headed back to Kalu House to treat her arm and for lunch of delicious salmon, hamburgers and salad.

It was so hot that we all went to lie by the pool for a book read, a snooze and a few swims…

 I played with the GoPro underwater and got some mermaid shots.

From the pool to the jacuzzi…

After we were little prunes from spending so much time in the water, we decided to head out for dinner…

We headed to Emily Moon for a drink ahead of dinner… We were hoping to stay for dinner but after an incredibly rude experience, we decided to rather leave. Very disappointing.

Plett is crazy busy this time of year, so we had to wait over an hour for a table and eventually we settled outside The Fat Fish with a bottle of wine. It was actually such fun and the food was delicious…

After an amazing meal, we headed back to some more friends for a night cap around the fire. It was absolutely beautiful to see the full-ish moon, bonfire and hear the waves lapping the shore.

When I first took this picture I was so amazed to see the colours, so I tried again and got the correct colours. I think the first shot was a happy colourful accident.

I didn’t want the night to end, because I knew that we were leaving in the morning.

Our alarms went off way too early and I dragged myself into the shower, pulled clothes on, sipped coffee and packed the car.

Oh and I took a pic of the shower gels we had at Kalu House, because I have to find them for my shower. They were so decadent and if anyone knows where I can buy them please let me know!

We were going to be taking Sarah(14) home with us, so we played our music playlists, had sing offs and rap offs (admittedly Sarah and Sox had rap offs) and the trip flew by!

On the way I managed to snap a few pics. We even saw 2 helicopters trying to put out a huge fire…

Today it’s back to reality and back to work. I’m really excited and I feel a little anxious for 2015! It’s alive with possibilities and I’m longing to find out what’s in store! I say anxious because the unknown can also be a little scary, but I’m hoping it’s a good scary!

You can catch me ON AIR today from 12-2pm on 2Oceansvibe Radio and if you’ve never listened to me before, you simply have to click HERE.

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