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We are officially in Autumn. Monday marked the official day- it was the Autumnal equinox and even if I didn’t know that, I can feel it.

During the day it’s still beautiful and hot, but it’s cold in the mornings and dark. The evenings are getting darker earlier and it’s nippy. I’m having to wear little cardigans and blazers now. Bleh. I’m not ready for the cold yet.


Last night I had my writers group. It’s like a Book Club but with a difference. There are books involved, but they’re our own.

There are four of us writing novels and each week we get together and read what we have written for that week (it’s fantastic because it makes me fit some writing time into my crazy schedule) and then we give each other feedback and constructive criticism. Each novel is completely different in writing style and genre and I am enjoying every single one. I get very excited for Tuesdays, because it’s like reading 4 novels…I get to find out what happens week after week and I really love how each book is unfolding.

There’s something unique and special about each person – Nia, Robyn and Christian make me laugh until I’m crying, they say things that are thought provoking, they truly are the best story tellers when they talk about their lives, days, experiences and love.

I often say we could write a novel on our little group because you’d have four “characters” that lead such different lives, have different experiences and so on and I think it would be a hilarious book.


I especially love our meeting place – it is just perfect. Robyn has her own cupcake and flower shop in Melville called Rubinella Cupcakes.

It is the most amazing place and has such a great energy.

“A place where flowers and cupcakes meet to cavort!

Rubinella Cupcake is a magical place – like no other – where you can lounge on a couch, tapping into our free WiFi and enjoying a coffee and cupcake, while we prepare a unique floral arrangement for you to take to your loved one.”

She’s even named a cupcake after me. How divine? It is so delicious! The Bailey cupcake is Horlicks & Honeycomb.

My mouth is watering as I type this actually.

I will have to take some photo’s of Rubinella Cupcakes and post them up soon – it’s just so lovely.

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