I get inspiration from so many different things. I love observing the world. I love noticing the way an elderly lady puts lipstick on so meticulously, the way children’s eyes sparkle, the way young girls pull at their clothes self consciously, the way my orchard changes colour, the way raindrops dribble down the window pane, the way bees fly in search of the next flower, the way my heart quickens when I switch my microphone on and the way people laugh. I love seeing and hearing how people laugh.

I love photographs that capture moments and I love pictures that create stories.

Here are some pictures that inspire me. I hope you have a beautiful day!


My amazing friends and I on holiday in Croatia – we were killing ourselves laughing!
This girl reminds me of my friend Genevieve… Love the buttons
This look inspires me… love the dark nails, the bracelets and the ring.
These colours are just amazing. Isn’t nature beautiful?
I really want to get another tattoo… love the hair, the jacket….
Nothing better than a little affection
…..Just the way you are!

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