I’m engaged. Now what? It’s a thing on Google

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So it’s one week later and I have pretty much been on a high ever since last Monday the 13th of April. I’ve been walking around in a a pink fog – all hazy and happy.

So many people have been asking us about the wedding, but we literally have just. got. engaged.

In fact, we had been engaged for 1 hour when we started getting these questions:

  • When is the date?
  • Where will you get married – Johannesburg, Cape Town or Greece?
  • Am I invited? (If you have to ask…um…)
  • How many people are you having at your wedding?
  • Whats your colour scheme?
  • What do you want your dress to look like?

WOAH! Sox and I just looked at each other (pretty much like this) and then laughed.

One step at a time, but we love the enthusiasm!

This might or might not come as a surprise – I’m not sure actually – but I am not one of those girls who has it all figured out. I do not have the it’s-been-ready-since-the-age-of-five “wedding file” and I have NO IDEA what I want my dress to look like, what the colour scheme will be or anything else. I have NO IDEA if I want a wedding that’s beachy/in a forest/on a wine farm/a destination wedding etc… I just have never thought about it.

In fact… on Wednesday, I was the complete nerd who actually opened up Google. I got to: I’m eng and Google automatically showed up: “I’m engaged now what?” and there are a gazillion sites that actually popped up. So it seems I’m not the only one who needs a “Planning a Wedding for Dummies” guide.

Good to know.

All I know is that I am marrying the man who makes my heart sing, who is so supportive of me, my biggest encourager, and cliched but true… my best friend!

Sox and I are both in agreement that whatever we decide to do, it will be us! It will be something that represents who we are as a couple and we really want to celebrate that.

Let me not kid you… Whilst I genuinely have no idea, I do have a private/secret Pinterest Wedding Board (because I’m still a girl and well… Pinterest.)

However, I’ve only ever pinned fictitiously as I’ve seen things that I think are pretty… It’s completely different to pinning with a purpose.

Realistically now that I look at it… Do I really want a “Pinterest wedding” that’s full of Mason jars and Bunting? I actually don’t know!

I keep pinching myself that this is all happening and I’m so bloody excited I could squeal.

There are a few things I’ve noticed in this past week:

  1. You can use your left hand A LOT! I’m right handed, but this week I have done everything with my left.
  2. My cheeks are actually sore. Each morning I feel like I need to massage my face and even though it’s sore, that huge damn grin just comes right back.
  3. I am looking mentally deranged because I am smiling so much. I realise it doesn’t look natural. In fact, I was pushing a trolley around the Waterfront, hands strategically placed on the handles for full ring view (obviously) and grinning. This woman looked at me, sort of smiled back and then moved away from me very quickly. I can only imagine what I look like.
  4. Over this past weekend I have heard Sox refer to me/introduce me 4x (but who’s counting?) as his fiancé and I’ve basically melted. Pretty much like this: 

Anyway… I promise that I won’t turn Vanilla Blonde into a wedding blog.

However, the essence of my blog is an honest insight into my life, so I’ll share some of my experiences as I go along, with all the other content I love sharing with you.

I just want to thank you for all the unbelievable love that you’ve shown Sox and I. We are completely and utterly overwhelmed by all the wishes and we actually got emotional (don’t tell him I told you) reading all the comments and messages. You guys are AMAZING and you feel like my extended family.

Thank you again!

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