I said YES!

I am so excited to be sharing some of the BEST NEWS and it’s times like these that I am really grateful for this blogging space of mine!


I’m literally sitting here with sore cheeks from all the smiling. I have the biggest, most ridiculous grin on my face and feel like I’m walking around in one love happy bubble.

If I were a cartoon character I would have a big pink, bubbly cloud around my head. Cloud 9!

The best thing is, Sox completely and utterly surprised me.

Obviously, a Monday afternoon is the perfect time for a proposal! I mean! Who would ever have thought?

Not me!

It took me a while to actually realise what was happening and for everything to actually sink in. I still don’t think it’s sunk in 100%, to be honest.

The funny thing is, people had been asking us so often about when were getting married, despite this blog post and every now and then, I had the little thoughts of wondering if and when…especially when friends suggested/seed-planted that a proposal could be looming before certain weekends or events.

When Sox invited my parents to celebrate and experience his culture at Greek Easter, I had a few friends suggest that it might happen this weekend. Ironically, I have never been more certain that this weekend would DEFINITELY NOT be the weekend.

We had the BEST time with my folks over the weekend (you can catch up with the photo heavy post here)

On Monday, I woke up super early to be on the Expresso Morning show and then came back, made breakfast for Sox, mom and dad and then headed to 2Oceansvibe Radio where I presented my show.

My dad has never been up Table Mountain, so the idea was to head there for a bit of the afternoon, all weather permitting.

It was the most beautiful, clear day and I was excited.

I love Table Mountain and I remember going up Table Mountain on one of the dates Sox and I had in the beginning of our relationship.

In hindsight, I can’t quite believe I didn’t pick up on it. Now that I look back, there were so many little clues, but because I wasn’t even thinking about it, it wasn’t obvious at the time.

Clue number one should have been the fact that he was constantly fidgeting with his pocket. I just thought that his car key or wallet might be making him uncomfortable. Mean time, he had taken the ring out of the box – you can’t quite conceal a box in jeans – and kept checking to see it was still there.

We all started taking photos and looking at the spectacular, breath taking view. I swear, it doesn’t matter how many times I go up Table Mountain, I am always blown away as if I’m seeing the view for the very first time!

Sox suggested that we go further on and wait on some rocks overlooking our favourite view, whilst my mom and dad are walking around take photographs.

I was so happy in that moment and just took in a deep breath of fresh air, enjoyed the slight wind in my hair, sun on my face and just the content feeling of having my mom and dad here in Cape Town, sitting next to the man who makes my soul so happy, all whilst taking in this view:

We started reminiscing and chatting about life and love and all of a sudden he started saying, with a big mischievious grin:

“You know I’m going to irritate you for the rest of your life, right?” and I started laughing saying: “No, no no… I’m not signing up for that!”

His face faltered a little, which is unusual when we are joking around. (That should have been clue number 2.)

I started laughing and told him I was kidding. He then started saying the most beautiful things that I will treasure forever and in my head I was thinking a trillion thoughts a second: Wait. Hang on a second. Is this…? Is this what I think it is? Oh my God! It is!!!! Bailey! Concentrate on what he’s saying! It’s happening NOW! Oh my God!!!!

Before I knew it, he was down on one knee and his hand was in the pocket he’d been fidgeting in and pulled out my beautiful engagement ring.

I was so stunned and just kept trying to focus on him, but I remember hearing a tourist in the background gasp so loudly and say: “Oh Look!” as they obviously saw what was happening.

All I could answer was: “Are you serious?” a few times over and eventually he packed up laughing and said: “No, I’m joking. I’m taking the ring back!”

I just started saying: “Oh my God! Yes!” and that’s when he slipped it onto my finger!

There was tears and laughter and for the first time ever, I was completely speechless and stunned.

It suddenly occurred to me that my parents were nearby. Surely, they must have known and all been in cahoots.

Apparently not!

Sox had asked for my Dads blessing in November last year (what!?), but my mom and dad had no idea when he would actually propose.

Sox kept the whole thing a complete surprise… even for my parents!

We went rushing off to find them and there were more stunned looks as the news started to sink in and then lots of tears and hugs between the 4 of us!

It was INCREDIBLE having my parents there, where I could share one of my happiest moments! I immediately got onto the phone with my sister and then onto the phone with Karolina! More tears and squeals and complete happiness!

When I looked at the date, I just gasped! Sox’s lucky number is 13 and my lucky number is 4. The date: 13. 04


Sox is claiming that as planned!

We headed down the mountain and went to celebrate with Sox’s mom and dad before heading to Mykonos restaurant in Sea Point, where we had booked a table for dinnerand it ended up being an unexpected celebratory dinner with some our friends! I couldn’t believe how many people arrived considering it was a) a Monday night b) such short, unexpected notice. Beyond grateful!

We popped a bottle of Dom – an amazing gift from Marc and Kim and just celebrated this surreal moment.

It was completely and utterly overwhelming. One minute I was lazily enjoying the view off Table Mountain and showing my Dad around and the next I was in this surreal, happy, loved up daze!

My engagement ring is absolute perfection! It is so me and I really think it suits my fingers! It’s classic and I’m in love. Sox had it designed and made. Again, I had no idea that any of this was even happening.

He did so well.

The only thing is, the ring size is a size and a half too big, so I sadly have to part with it for a few days whilst it’s re-sized!

I also feel paranoid that I’m going to lose it. To be honest, it feels weird. I probably shouldn’t say that. Sorry, but it’s true. I’ve never worn a ring on that finger (call it superstitious) so it’s a strange feeling. I keep playing with it, but also just to check that it’s still there!

I think the best part of all of this has been the reactions from our family and friends! The love and joy that has poured in has made me so emotional. I can’t express how grateful I am to have so much support in our relationship and words fail me.

I need a stronger word than overwhelmed. I also need a stronger word for expressing my gratitude.

So… like I said… I’m in a pink, bubbly, happy daze and I want to bottle this moment so that I can keep it forever.

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    […] Table Mountain: Take a cableway ride up or you can hike it, if you’re that way inclined. This is always going to be an extra special place for me, as it’s the place Sox and I got engaged. […]

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