Happiness Is… by Michelle Higgins

I received a lovely email from Michelle with her list and pictures attached for my Happiness Is… feature I do every Monday.

Happiness Is…by Michelle Higgins

1. Beautiful Sunrise

2. My beautiful Niece Kendra Paige, Apple of my eye, my heart and soul.

3. BFF’s, Denise and Janine.

3. Bright Colors

4. Animals, especially my two bassets, buddy and savannah… Pure love ♥

5. Pair of beautiful earrings, of course

6. My Mom & Dad. (My Inspirations and Pillar of strengths)

7. Fortune Cookies. Ha, almost like a prezzie only in words I suppose.

8. Cupcakes – Need I say more? LOL

9. The Sea, just having the sand between your toes, listening to the waves, not a care in the world, nothing more amazing.

10. And then of course, the reason I turn around in the morning and give a big smile, My Fiancé PC Delport. He is the love of my life, Soul mate and getting old with partner. ♥♥

Thanks for being a part of my Happiness Is feature Michelle – I love your list!

If you’d like to be a part of it, send me a list of 10 things that brings you happiness and brightens up your day. Oh and don’t forget to send pictures too. Email me HERE


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