Fools and Butterflies

Aaaah, I was SO CLOSE to FINALLY not becoming an April Fool.

I don’t like to think of myself as naive and gullible, but every year I have been caught out. Every.single.year.

My dad got me with 5 minutes to spare. 11h55 this morning. It’s the age old tradition! You can only play a joke on someone until noon. If you play a joke on someone AFTER noon, YOU are the fool! 😉

Bugger! I can’t even get him back.

Except it back fired, because it made me really stressed out and I burst into tears for a while.


I also got a much needed manicure today – just ahead of my cruise I’m going on next week. The pearl colours are so in right now… Pity that I am not going to enjoy it though. Moments after I had left the salon, I knocked my hand against my steering wheel and smudged my nails.


My steering wheel looks sparkly and pearly though.

Oh and it’s really great to have some butterflies again… it’s been a long time since I felt them…. BUT I don’t want to get ahead of myself either.

This weekend I feel like baking, I feel like doing more photography, catching up on my writing and reading and most of all, catching up on much needed sleep.

Have a great weekend


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