Dreaming of Christmas

I absolutely LOVE Christmas. I love everything about the spirit of it. The meaning behind it, the time of giving, the family and friends time, the smells of Christmas – cinnamon and vanilla, the fairy lights, the food, the shopping malls… yes I actually like the hustle and bustle. It’s festive. I love decorating the Christmas tree and this year I am going to bake mince pies, from scratch. I’ve never done this before, so let’s hope they’re a success.

The only thing I wish we had was snow. I’d love to experience a White Christmas again. My first and only was experienced when I was 9 years old.

I haven’t always had the best Christmas’ to be honest, in fact last years was the first Christmas in about 8 years that was happy. I got to spend it with my family and I was blessed with that! I refuse to lose hope on the Christmas Spirit and Christmas is certainly what you make it. This year I am going to make it extra special.

It also seems all the families are around too and the best part is that G and I have the same values and views of Christmas so I’m even more excited.

It’s all about what you make it… I just can’t believe it’s so close.




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