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Banting Col’Cacchio

The LCHF lifestyle is on the rise and even if you’re not fully Banting, everyone knows that you should be decreasing your carbohydrates.

I love pizza and pasta, but sadly it aways bloats me and while that moment of eating is delicious, how I feel afterwards is just not worth it.

Bloated, nauseaous, stomach cramps and within hours, a migraine.

I was really thrilled to see that Col’Cacchio is now catering for everyone – including those following a LCHF lifestyle. I love and appreciate brands that adapt and adjust.

I’m so pleased to see that their Banting menu is growing. They originally started with Banting Pizzas, served on a cauliflower base and a side salad. Now they offer Pasta with Zoodles or Zucchetti (spiralized Zucchini) and even desserts.

Sox and I went on date night to try out the Banting menu. We went to the Foreshore Col’Cacchio where we were warmly greeted and led to our table.

We were so undecided on what to choose, so we eventually decided on a pizza, a pasta and we’d share both.

But to start, we asked if they could make us a Focaccia with the cauliflower base. It’s not on the menu, but they happily obliged. It came out crispy and absolutely deliciously.

The Banting pizzas are less crispy because of the toppings. Both are amazing!

I sadly don’t have many photos because my memory card was corrupted. So frustrated, but I do have a few from my iPhone and provided from Col’Cacchio.

I ordered the Morituri Pizza – chicken, bacon, avo, feta and roasted red pepper.

Sox ordered the Verde Rosso Pasta – Zucchetti with chicken parmigiana.

Next time I want to try:

We were so full after dinner, but we couldn’t resist trying the Banting desserts. There are 2 desserts on the menu, so we were going to share again, but unfortunately they only had one of the 2 desserts, so we split the one.

We split the Coco Berry Panna Cotta. It was absolutely delicious and just the right amount of sweetness for me.

Next time I’m keen to try this…

It’s so good to have another restaurant we can visit and comfortably stick to our LCHF lifestyle!

Tonight I’m going to be on a Live Webinar all about my LCHF story – so if you’re keen to join us, please click here:

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