Back to Reality

This is Duke and I hanging out on the lawn – if he’s not chewing his gazillion chew toys, my fingers and toes will do. In the first set of 4, it looks like I have my hand IN his mouth but I’m actually scratching under his chin…. until he got me good in the last picture. He is too adorable but his little teeth are as sharp as knives – OUCH!

It seems everyone is back to work today… Yes, I know. I heard that sigh.

Mark Pilgrim and I officially start 2012’s Afternoon Drive Show – The Baldy and Bailz Show today, even though we did the Breakfast show last week. Make sure you listen to us on 94.7 or stream us live on or listen on DSTV’s Audio Bouquet channel 179. We’re on air Monday – Friday 4pm -7pm.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this year holds… new opportunities, excitement, growth and hopefully a very abundant bank account.

Happy first day back at work.

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