Baby G Update and FAQ

Hello June! Even though my 40 week due date is 5 July, this is the month that we become a family of 3!

I was officially 35 weeks on Wednesday, which is such a victory!

I’ve received quite a few questions asking about what’s going to happen, so I thought I’d just answer them all here in one place.

My 7cm fibroid is in my pelvic area, competing with his head and as baby grows and gets heavier, so the pressure on my fibroid builds. The pain is CONSTANT, but I’m realizing I actually have quite a high pain threshold and I’m managing it (or I’m just martyring myself… I think it might be the latter, to be honest.) I only take a Panado if it’s REALLY bad and a prescribed Tramaset if it’s truly awful. Sox keeps telling me to stop being a “hero” and just take the meds since my Gynae has prescribed them.

I’m being monitored because we cannot have the Fibroid bleed or burst – it would be incredibly dangerous.

Are you still working?

I am currently on bed rest and stopped doing my radio show and other commitments last week Wednesday. The only thing I am continuing, is my blog. Last Wednesday was actually the day before my 34 week scan, which was originally the goal after I had landed up in hospital at week 29. I brought my hospital bag with, in case I didn’t go home. The scan went really well, Baby G is a healthy 2.6kgs and the best thing to do is keep him baking, if my Fibroid allows it, which it seems to be doing for now. Each week is obviously a bonus and ideally you want to go the full distance – at least to 38 weeks.

I then felt I had taken off work too prematurely, but my doctor insisted that the only way to get there is to get off my feet and have bed rest.

How does it feel to not be working?

It’s been really strange for me. The first few days I was completely out of sorts and didn’t know what to do with myself. In 16 years, I have only ever taken time off work if it’s for other work – like a TV shoot or an MC gig, if I’m really sick or if it’s for a holiday. Since I’m not sick and definitely not on holiday, I feel like I’m bunking.

It’s felt even stranger to do nothing.

BUT… everyone has given me the advice to enjoy this time. Enjoy being able to read a magazine, watch a movie and so on, because once Baby G is here, time on my own will be a thing of the past and I’ll be wishing someone would suggest I lie down and binge watch a series. Haha!

Admittedly, bed rest has, hands down, been the best for me. The pain is definitely getting worse as he grows and grows. My pelvis feels like it’s minutes away from breaking.

Confession: I have run a few errands like going to Kids Emporium, getting groceries and getting our new car ( we changed my 3 door MINI Cooper for the 5 door MINI Countryman, which is much bigger, but still small enough for our ridiculous parking bay at our apartment.) However, anything over 30 minutes of being on my feet means I pay for it later in pain.

Will they wait for you to go into labour or for the fibroid to become too painful before scheduling the C-section?

We have a date pencilled in for 38 weeks, which is what we had from the very beginning, but it really will depend on the Fibroid. At 29 weeks, I landed up in hospital (read more) and was pretty convinced the Fibroid had burst, from the excruciating pain. It turned out that Baby G had just turned into the perfect natural position (go figure) and his head had put a little pressure on the Fibroid. I couldn’t believe it hadn’t bled/burst from the pain I felt… but it made me realize how serious that pain would be if it does. They gave me cortisone injections as an insurance policy for his lung development, in case he had to be delivered sooner. Our new goal was then 34 weeks, which we surpassed last week. Each day, each week is now a bonus.

What happens to the fibroid after he’s born, will they be able to remove it surgically at the same time?

I had a cry when I found this news out because in my layman, logical mind, it was a case of: While you’re there, and I’m cut open from the C-section, just get rid of that f$#@ing fibroid.

Except that they cannot, which is seriously frustrating, but the doctors definitely know what’s best for both baby and I. Here’s the lowdown: First and foremost why this is most definitely not an option is: Removing it, would mean I would need to go into ICU and separated from Baby G.

The Fibroid is extremely vascular (full of blood vessels) and having a C-section is already a major abdominal surgery with a certain amount of blood loss. To remove the Fibroid would be life threatening because I could lose too much blood.

There are a bunch of other reasons too, but I won’t bore you. The reality is that f$#@ing fibroid will be left behind. My uterus will need to shrink back to it’s original size, and then later on we can look at how to remove it.

You’ve been so positive in your pregnancy despite the complications. How have you made it look so easy?

I never like to complain – I think it’s a waste of energy. I am positive by choice and I’ve said it many a time on this blog… every time I have a negative moment, I remind myself that this is such a privilege to be pregnant and experience this journey. I cannot wait to become a Mom and meet this little boy, who I am already besotted with.

BUT I’ve always promised to be honest and for those of you who have been so kind in saying that I’ve been so positive in my pregnancy -thank you. It has NOT been easy at all.

All those in the know told me that the last stretch is the hardest, it feels the longest and you’re at your most uncomfortable. I don’t know why I didn’t listen and naively thought: “It can’t be that bad.”

You were all right. I am so uncomfortable. Everything is an effort and a struggle.

I think women are so worried that if they complain, they’ll come across as being ‘negative Nancy’s’ and appear ungrateful. I say, nonsense. Sometimes you just need to be human, have a little bitch and get it out.

So here’s my turn:

  • I struggle to breath because my lungs are so squashed. Sox laughs at me because it makes talking difficult and I get out of breath quickly.
  • My pelvis feels constantly bruised and honestly, like it might break. Rolling over, sitting up from a lying position and even walking for longer than 30 minutes is horrible.
  • I cannot get up properly and when I do, I grunt and groan so much I sound like a Hippo in mating season. People have to help push me up, as I just don’t have stomach muscles anymore to help me get up.
  • The Fibroid pain comes and goes, but when it comes… I cry.
  • I sometimes get sharp shooting pains in my bum and back – I’m pretty sure it’s pressure on the Sciatic nerve.
  • My back hurts a lot from the extra weight and it can take me a long time to find a comfortable position. When I do, I usually realize that I’ve left my tea, phone, laptop and book out of reach.
  • The heartburn – ouch! Sometimes the burn makes all the bile rise and swallowing it back down again is just lovely.
  • “Get your sleep now.” Great advice, if I wasn’t waking up every 3 hours – either for the loo or just because. Obviously it’s my body getting ready for the feeds.
  • I keep getting temperatures, even though I don’t feel sick. My face burns up, my cheeks go bright red. It’s apparently from the extra blood supply. It is great not being cold in this cooler weather though.
  • On Sunday, I sat with my hand in an ice bath to try and shrink my fingers, which had swollen. I couldn’t get my wedding rings off and my finger was throbbing and turning red. I was sure I was going to cut them off if I couldn’t get the swelling down. After a few hours, I managed to get them off. Pure relief. 
  • I’m quite independent, so not being able to do the simplest of tasks is frustrating. Bending over and picking things up is not something I can do anymore. I also seem to drop things more than ever before. One example that comes to mind is when I dropped my car key and had to ask a stranger to help me. It really is the little things, like getting up on my own or just doing things on my own without needing someones assistance feels foreign. It’s definitely teaching me though.

Despite ALL of this, I have still LOVED this journey. Every time I am sore and uncomfortable and I feel his little rhythmic hiccups or feel his kicks, my heart swells and I just know that all of this is so worth it. I cannot wait to meet Baby G and it feels surreal that it could be any day from now – 3 weeks time!

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  • Reply Joanie

    Can anyone say Superwoman!!! Wow Bails, hats of to you for not giving in or up. For remaining positive and still letting us all get a glimpse into your life!!
    My prayer for you is to be blessed, healthy and happy. May the 3 of you experience every ounce of happiness that the good Lord has in store for you!!


    June 2, 2017 at 8:11 am
  • Reply Jo

    Big Hugs Bailey ♡

    June 2, 2017 at 8:43 am
  • Reply Sharrie

    Bailey you are doing a fabulous job of keeping Baby G healthy!!! The last couple of weeks ARE boring as you can’t really DO anything, and resting is often uncomfortable. Maybe standing in a warm indoor spa pool or foot massage will help with the aches. One thing I can promise is that when baby arrives you will TOTALLY forget about your uncomfortable body and become a human mommy machine :). So very excited for you and Sox, who I think is going to be an awesome Dad and partner in sharing the baby parenting role!!! xxx

    June 2, 2017 at 8:56 am
  • Reply Tanya

    Bailey you always radiate positivity which is something I really admire. You’ve handled your situation like a champ and of course you are allowed to feel down sometimes you’re only human! I wish you all the best for the final part of your pregnancy and a BIG thank you for being so open and honest about your journey to motherhood, I’ve enjoyed being a part of it all. Good luck to you, Sox & Baby G. I know everything will go well xxx

    June 2, 2017 at 9:11 am
  • Reply Mahjiedah

    All the best with the home stretch!!! I feel for as I was there not too long ago. Just keep your eye on the prize, aka healthy baby, when things get too much. Praying for healthy baby and mom.

    June 2, 2017 at 10:30 am
  • Reply Megan Hartwig

    You are doing so well, and you must just remember that every women’s journey while she is pregnant is different, beautiful and so special. I have really enjoyed reading about your pregnancy journey and wish you all the best for the final part of your beautiful journey 🙂 xx

    June 2, 2017 at 11:19 am
  • Reply Gillian Hefer

    Its worth every groan and piercing pain!

    June 2, 2017 at 1:30 pm
  • Reply Louise

    Gosh and to keep us all updated too! Hang in there. Funny, I remember my hands swelling too, near the end, and my ankles and feet got so full of fluid that I could hardly bear to walk on them. Hang in there, you’ve got this! Much love and light to you and baby.

    June 2, 2017 at 2:23 pm
  • Reply Caley

    You are an amazing woman and amazing mama Bails!! Well done for getting this far x

    June 4, 2017 at 7:09 pm
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