Atoderm by Bioderma

A lot of the beauty products I’ve ever been introduced to are through close friends. I was first introduced to Bioderma through my bestie, Karolina. She introduced me to their tinted sunscreen for the face and I absolutely love it. My dermatologist also suggested Bioderma, so I feel like it gets the extra nod of approval.

Bioderm has a new range out called: The Atoderm Range.
It’s said to keep skin smooth, velvety, plumped with hydration and, above all, comfortable and soothed.
I think we so often focus our skincare on just our faces, but since the skin is our biggest organ, we need to look after all of it…


The Atoderm range was specifically formulated to treat dry, very dry to atopic sensitive skin. For skin lacking moisture and lipids, Atoderm restores the hydrolipidic film biologically (and lastingly), thanks to its dermo-patented formulas with SkinBarrier Therapy™,while Skin Protect Complex stimulates the skin to create its own hyaluronic acid and rebuild its barrier function.

1. Atoderm Shower Cream

A deliciously pampering daily nutri-protective cleanser that prevents skin dryness
500ml Pump R269.95

2. Atoderm Cream 

A luxurious daily moisturiser that is fragrance-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic.
500ml Pump R319.95
200ml tube R239.95
For skin prone to atopic eczema, Bioderma recommend the Atoderm Intensive range.


The Hydrabio range is specifically formulated for dehydrated sensitive skin, but most skins can enjoy its deep hydration bath. The Aquagenium™ biological patent helps the skin to generate its natural own hydration. It increases water flow within the skin, by stimulating its natural Aquaporin channels. It also recreates a resistant and impermeable skin barrier. Formulated as part of an emulsion that mimics the skin, it penetrates deeper for increased efficacy. Hydrated from inside, the skin regains an intense radiance

1. Hydrabio Serum

This velvety serum boosts hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid, smooths the skin and restores radiance. A must-have for winter, this concentrate generates instant and long-lasting hydration.
40ml pump bottle R319.95

2. Hydrabio Mask

This moisture-generating cocooning mask for sensitive, dehydrated skin hydrates skin deeply and gently, restoring softness and radiance. Soothing care, pampering texture. Tip: Apply before bedtime. No need to tissue off.
75ml tube R269.95

3. Hydrabio Micellar Water

The hydrating sister of the world’s first and No.1 selling micellar water – Sensibio H20 – this non–rinse cleanser and make–up remover cleanses thoroughly yet ever so gently, leaving skin feeling hydrated and fresh. It has a high moisturising power with excellent tolerance.
250ml R219.95, 500ml R319.95


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