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A Surprise Weekend and Gabriels 1st Birthday Party

When I flew to JHB 6 weeks ago, it was for my Godson, Gabriels 1st birthday. I landed in torrential downpour and poor Karolina had to postpone the party because there was no ways a party planned for outside could happen.

Karolina postponed the party to the 10th of October. Her birthday is the 5th of October, so the plan was to have Gabriels party in the morning/afternoon and then a dinner to celebrate her birthday.

I sneakily said that I just couldn’t make it and that I felt absolutely terrible. She was the sweetest in saying that she completely understood and that I had already flown up the first time and that I really shouldn’t worry.

HA! Would I EVER NOT be there for my Godson or my BFF? Not a chance!

The week before; it was Operation Sneaky. I arranged flights and then arranged all the surprise details with Fil, K’s husband.

On Friday morning I arrived in Johannesburg. Christian, my amazing friend or gusband as I like to call him, picked me up from the airport and we caught up over coffee. It was so good to see him, laugh a lot and it’s amazing how it felt like no time had past since we last saw one another.

I cannot get over how HOT Johannesburg is. As I stepped off the plane, a wall of heat smacked into me. It was glorious!

I’ve been in jackets in Cape Town and had to find all my Summer clothes when I had to pack for the weekend.

He took me to my parents home, where I was reunited with Duke! My mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about my wedding – it was such a fun mom-daughter afternoon!

Fil came to fetch me on Friday afternoon after work and we headed back to their home to surprise Karolina!

It was PRICELESS seeing her surprised, happy face! BEST FEELING EVER! We couldn’t stop hugging (and crying) and I couldn’t stop cuddling Gabriel. He is my best!

That evening we got the house ready for Gabriels birthday party and I quickly cooked some Salmon  – a new recipe I learned from K and warmed up left over veggies.

Early on Saturday morning I had more Gabriel cuddles and then we got into the final set up and touches for his party.

K and I had an operation line going of cutting 50 mini croissants open and then filling them with toppings.

The ball pit and jumping castle arrived…

Gabriel LOVES cars, so that was the theme for his first party

Don’t you love the robot, erm, traffic light balloons?


How amazing is this cake?

Dimitri and I are such proud Godparents…

That evening, we went to Turn N Tender in the new Dainfern shopping centre for Karolina’s birthday party… It was so good to be with some of my best friends! I’m so incredibly lucky and grateful to have them in my life.

After a fantastic evening, K, Fil and I headed home where K and I literally cried with laughter over Snapchat… (BaileyVanilla and KarolinaSky) and chatted until 02h30. It was soul food.

At 6am, I woke up, made Fil coffee and K and I tea, played with Gabriel until it was eventually time to go to my mom and dad.

My mom had cooked a whole breakfast feast…

Yoghurt and fresh fruit and coconut to start…

Champagne and orange juice… My sister popping champagne bottles on a Sunday, like a pro…

My dad frying eggs…

Duke hoping for anything to fall – preferably the bacon…

It was so good to spend time with my family… The heat was crazy so we all swam and started blowing up lilos.

 My brother in law tried to push me in… I’m not sure if my sister was trying to help me or pull but I said I had my phone on me, so they didn’t. A bit of a white lie, but hey!

I borrowed a costume and enjoyed my first swim of the season…

My Dad and Duke are like 2 peas in a pod. They definitely have a bromance…

Or perhaps, Duke’s just after my dad’s shoe.

That evening, my mom and I sat outside listening to sounds of the garden, drinking wine and chatting.

That evening my sister invited me over to her place where we had dinner and watched the Bridesmaids DVD. It was an awesome night.

Trips like these are so good for the soul, but they also make leaving so much harder.

Morning has broken

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