300: Wednesday Wisdom

This is my 300th Post. Wow. 300. Really? I can’t believe I’ve had that much to write about and even more amazingly that you have read them all.

I wondered about the number 300 – does it have a specific meaning? I instantly thought of the movie 300 with the Spartans, but um… that’s not quite what I was going for.

I found these interesting facts:

  • According to the book of the secrets of Enoch, 300 entirely brilliant angels keep the the garden of Eden, and a unceasing voice and a beautiful song serve the Lord all days and every hours.
  • In Cabal and in Hinduism, in the subdivisions of a Mahâ Kalpa – the duration of an eternity – 300 mortal days form one mortal year.
  • In the Spartans, the particular guard of the king in times of war was composed of 300 men.
  • The 300 Ombrians who was saved from the universal flood.
  • The ancestors of Romulus had raised 300 towers in central Italy.
  • The old kings of Arcadie lived 300 years, in relation with the 300 days of the most oldest year.
  • According to a legend on the birth of Buddha, his mother carried him during 300 days – the 3 seasons or 9 months multiplied by 100 and reduced in day.
  • Pythagoras had 300 disciples.

Just some interesting trivia.

Today is also Wednesday Wisdom, so I thought I’d post some of my favourite quotes. For those who do follow this blog, you’ll know how I love my quotes and these just make me smile.Thank you for reading my blog – it brings me such joy writing it…and knowing you read it makes me beyond happy.


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