Travel Bug

My little sister has gone to Madrid, Spain for a few days. She has been sent on a 2 day conference but she has extended her stay for a few extra days.

I think traveling is so important. It allows you to expand your horizons literally and figuratively.

It’s so important to experience different cultures and to soak up the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and make memories.

I almost wish I could be there with her. I just adore traveling!

It made me think of my travels to Croatia and Switzerland last year. I went to Croatia with my amazing girl friends … I had always wanted to travel overseas with my mates and my dream came true. It was actually amazing that all of us had schedules that allowed for us to travel at the same time. Lucia is Croatian and she invited us to go to her “home” town. We went to the island of Korcula, to a town called: Vela Luka. It is paradise and has the most amazing energy about it. You cannot believe that such beauty exists, that such friendly, warm and generous people exist!

We stayed in Stone Village Villa’s and had the time of our lives! We drank home made wine, cooked with home made olive oil, picked fresh ripe tomatoes from the garden and ate fresh fish and octopus that was caught that day!

Spending quality time with my closest souls in a place that really has a magical element to it rejuvenated my soul.

Since my closest are all from different parts of Europe, we all split up and went to our “home” countries. We all live in South Africa, but our heritage is from different European countries.

Karolina went to Poland, Katia went to Portugal, Rasa went to Lithuania and Lucia stayed behind in Croatia and I went to Switzerland.

I was born in SA, but my dad’s side of the family is Swiss. My gran, uncle and some cousins and family friends live in Switzerland. I went to visit them and it was phenomenal. It was also the first time I had been to Europe in Summer. It was incredible to see Switzerland so green, instead of snow white.

 At Stone Village

 Vela Luka

 L-R: Rasa; Katia, Lucia, Croatian Hotty; Bailey; Karolina

 The Villa we stayed at – we had it all to ourselves: Stone Village

Vela Luka on the island of Korcula


Davos, Switzerland

Me in Switzerland


It really has made me want to travel again… that’s the thing… Once the travel bug bites, it is very difficult to get rid of it… On second thoughts… It’s the only bug you want to have.

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