Third Trimester Bump Update

Hello Third Trimester! I’m officially 28 weeks (as of yesterday)! Holy crap. I have 10/11 weeks to go, if he doesn’t arrive earlier.

I don’t know why, but both Sox and I have a feeling that he’s going to come early – just not too early please, I really want him to bake for as long as possible. We will have a C-section date planned, which we don’t at this stage, but I do have this feeling that he’s going to choose his own birthday.

It seems to be a hot, judgemental question I’m asked almost daily:

Are you having a natural birth or a C-section?

The minute I say: “C-section.” I instantly see the just-sucked-lemon faces, or the pulled up, scrutinizing eyebrows.

I still do not understand the judgmental tones. There are 2 ways for a baby to come out – either way, you become a Mom and you did an amazing job in growing your baby. What’s the issue? Also and I’m not trying to be funny here, but when you break it down… how does it affect your life, how I birth my baby?

It makes me think of Matric marks. Does anyone really care what your Matric marks are to this day (years out of school?) Nope – maybe just that you passed. Does it matter how you brought your healthy baby into the world? Nope, just that you did.

I am having a C-section as the Fibroid I have is too dangerous for Natural. It’s on my uterus, but with everything stretching and moving, it’s now on my cervix, blocking everything. If I attempt natural I will most likely rupture my Uterus, and there’s a high chance that I could not make it. Sobering truth.

My birthing choice is the one that keeps me and Baby G alive and healthy!

Here’s my bump today! I swallowed a beach ball! My cravings so far haven’t been crazy, like eating chalk, sand or even weird combos like jelly babies and onions on toast, but I have had cravings for things I haven’t eaten in ages.

I find that once I’ve had it, it’s out of my system. It’s bizarre. Some are healthy and some are unhealthy. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself.

  • Home made French toast with tomato sauce – my Mom’s recipe.
  • Slap chips and vinegar.
  • Choc chip cookies.
  • Fresh tomato with salt and pepper.
  • Greek Salad with lots of olive oil.
  • Oranges.
  • Mango.
  • Avo with apple cider vinegar/lemon juice and chunky cottage cheese.
  • Glasses of fresh cold milk.

It’s definitely getting harder to tie my shoes and if you see me in sneakers, you’ll know when my husband has been able to help me and when he hasn’t been home and I’ve been left to my own devices. When he’s helped me, my shoelaces are perfect. When he hasn’t, my shoelaces are tied to the sides. It’s pretty hilarious.

I love my sneakers, but I think I’m going to have to resort to easier shoes that simply slip on (for now.)

Some women just feel like they’re pregnant for so long – like Janet Jackson, for example. I feel like she was pregnant for 2 years! Haha!

I feel like I’ve been pregnant for 5 minutes, but apparently this trimester feels long because you’re so heavy and uncomfortable. I can definitely feel the tiredness is back and it’s because I’m drained from getting heavier, Baby G draining my energy as he grows and plumps up  and on top of it, I’m not getting a solid nights sleep.

A few trips to the bathroom disrupt my sleep and when I have to roll over, it’s not as easy, so I wake up a little as I can feel the pain in my pelvis and back. There have been a few early mornings when I just wake up and I’m then wide awake. It can happen anytime between 3-5am. It’s not clockwork yet, but I’m definitely aware that it’s my body preparing for those early feeds.

The pain I feel from the Fibroid is also just awful and I am wearing a brave face every hour… but I never complain. I swear I understand the whole Motherhood Martyr vibe now. I don’t care HOW uncomfortable or sore I am, as long as Baby G is healthy, happy and growing. Every kick, roll, hiccup and shudder in my belly is worth it. Every. single. time.

I promise it’s not ALL bad and there are so many positives too… but I definitely do feel the discomfort and sometimes wonder how on earth my skin is going to stretch more or how my belly can possibly get bigger?!? Our bodies are AMAZING!

Today we have a scan, and I cannot WAIT to see him again. We’re incredibly lucky that our Gynae has machinery that gives us a 4D scan every time we go, so I can’t wait to see how his face his developed from 5 weeks ago.

Here is one of the pics we got from our scan 5 weeks ago… his arms and fists holding onto his umbilical cord. Do you see it?

Still crazy to think there is a living, human being in my tummy (feels very alien like) and soon I’ll be holding him and kissing him. The countdown has definitely begun!

Oh and this cartoon is pretty accurate too. Sox and I had a good laugh at it.

Baby boy, your Dad and I are so excited to meet you!

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  • Reply KateF

    Such a cute bump!!!!!! You are looking so radiant xxx

    April 13, 2017 at 11:29 am
  • Reply Megan Hartwig

    Loved your pregnancy update! All the best for your third trimester 🙂 xx

    April 13, 2017 at 11:49 am
  • Reply Michelle

    Love your pregnancy updates and all the giggles good luck for baby G

    April 13, 2017 at 12:08 pm
  • Reply Jill Maniellle

    You look beautiful Bailey, gorgeous and radiant,all the best for your last semester. Take care & Gods blessings! Love Jill Manielle

    April 13, 2017 at 12:41 pm
  • Reply Nicolette Knoetzen

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Good luck with the “last stretch”!

    April 13, 2017 at 12:59 pm
  • Reply Leigh Nightingale

    I just love reading these updates, it really brings back wonderful memories from my pregnancy with Matthew. He’s heading for 2 come June 4th. I never told people until the end of I was doing C-section or natural, my gynecologist was open to both but said many things could change between 8 weeks and 38 weeks, but we would always do what was best for baby & mom. I was lucky to have an amazing c-section birth experience and luckier still for a healthy baby with all his bits as they should be. That’s the blessing and miracle, not how he came into the world. It’s the same with breast feeding, try and try some more, and more, but be realistic ~ if it’s not happening and your baby is hungry ~ give them a bottle. Women are horribly judgmental. This may sound like really weird advice ~ but when you get home and life kicks in, remember to pause, no matter how tired you are in those 1st few weeks, because man on man ~ they are gone in a blink, never to be seen again. It’s the most special time.

    April 13, 2017 at 1:06 pm
  • Reply Tanya

    You look so beautiful!Thank you for the update and good luck with your third trimester and as for having a C section and people being judgemental just ignore them. As long as you and your baby are fine and healthy at the end it’s none of anyone’s business how you gave birth! Xxx

    April 13, 2017 at 1:57 pm
  • Reply Sally

    Hi Bailey, congrats on the third trimester
    As a mom and a midwife let me just say… it’s vey judgey(if that’s a word!) out there from conception to birth and onwards. It’s your little families new journey and just enjoy it. Keep reading, listening and watching all things and you will be fine. There’s no manual and no absolute right or wrong. Have fun it is so exciting. Love these new miracles I see everyday . Enjoy, you look fabulous x

    April 13, 2017 at 2:50 pm
  • Reply Louise

    You know what, your C section is YOUR choice. And it’s the best one. I also had to have a C section, baby was breach, and he is JUST FINE. Sure, natural may be “better” for some, but not for everyone. We are lucky we live in a world where issues like fibroids and breach babies can still be healthily birthed. You look SO DARN CUTE with just a bump!!!!! It’s hard and wonderful all at once, isn’t it?

    April 15, 2017 at 11:05 am
  • Reply Caley

    Amen. Wish the judging motherhood would stop…
    Loving your gorgeous bump Bails x

    April 17, 2017 at 6:58 am
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