Spontaneous Picnics and Dentist Visits

What is summer time if you can’t enjoy a picnic? It’s too hot to cook lately, so I decided to do a spontaneous picnic in my garden for us, when Greg got home from work.

I couldn’t find my picnic blanket so beach towels had to do. We ate, drank and even watched the birds who joined us for an early dinner.

It really is the simple things in life. Bliss.

In other news… not so blissful actually… I paid a little visit to the dentist. Hindsight is lovely, it’s just always too late. LOL.

I have been putting off going for a few months now. Well, the pain became so unbearable that I woke up yesterday with an aching jaw. 4 local anaesthetics (my body really does need A LOT to become numb and start working) and 2 fillings later… I was fixed.

Funny how they always ask questions while your mouth is WIDE open and there’s a drill in your mouth.

The convo went a little something like this.

Dentist: So are you excited for Christmas?

Bailey: Uh-huh.

Dentist: Are you going away anywhere?

Bailey: Gr-uh-ah-gggl-aah.

Dentist: You wouldn’t happen to be the Bailey from radio would you?

Bailey: Uh-huh.

Dentist: Wow. That must be a fun job – tell me more.

Bailey: Aggg-uuuh-aaah-gggg-rlah-aah.

Lesson learned. I am never going to leave a little ache… they just become big aches and they leave me numb and drooling for hours. Very sexy.


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