Smell the roses, um sea air

I write an article once a week for ZAlebs, this awesome online entertainment magazine that you can read here: Everything Happens for a Reason

I wrote the latest piece about life on crutches and I’d really appreciate you having a read. I’d love to hear what you think.

Read it and then come back to see the rest of this blog post… It will make more sense once you do.

I’ve lost a lot of muscle tone in both my calves, but I’m strapped up and healing.

Normally I rush around so much, so with this forcing me to slow down, I’ve been doing so. I was booked for a voice over in Blouberg last week. I haven’t been to Blouberg in years.

I took my camera and decided that if I had some time after my voice over session, I would take a drive to the beach. It was incredibly windy and hazy but I took photos nevertheless.

I stood in the wind, breathed in the salty air and watched a lone fisherman check his line, watched the seagulls curled up in the beach sand ignoring the wind ruffling their feathers, the sea spray against the jagged rocks and Table Mountain through the haze.

Not sure how I managed to not get the crutches in this shot. LOL

Later that early evening I sat with a cup of tea in my lounge and marvelled like I do, every time I look out the window. I feel very very lucky.

Times aren’t always easy and things can be tricky. Life is life, but when I see a sight like this, somehow I just know that everything will be OK. It always is.

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