Shoe-aholic and Storage Space

Hi I’m Bailey and I’m a shoe-aholic.

“Hi Bailey”

I couldn’t resist the pair of peep toe wedges in the Aldo window. I’ve been looking for wedges that have a bit of height but don’t make me too tall and ones that look right. Some wedges can look far too chunky/heavy and make you look like you’re wearing mini boats. These wedges are like walking on clouds.

Problem. I do not have the space for any more shoes. 


I need to figure out where and how I’m going to keep them. Do you have clever storage areas?

Speaking of clever storage areas… I’m going to ask “Bloogle”… ahem…Google/Bloggers… where I can find those stands for earrings.You gorgeous readers must know.

They look like this or kind of like this… Or perhaps you have other ideas on how to store earrings?

My problem with my jewelry is that it sits in boxes and it’s a case of “out of sight or out of mind.”

In my Spring Cleaning I found some gorgeous earrings/necklaces/bangles that have been untouched for this very reason.

In other news… Greg and I have managed to do Long Distance for 5 and a half months already and only have 11 more sleeps until he moves back for good. How crazy? I’ve been counting down for 2 months and now we’re 12 days away. As the time lures closer and closer I am becoming more and more impatient. Its silly.. we’ve done all this time, you’d think I’d be good at this!

Patience is a virtue. One I don’t have.

I am looking forward to going down to Durban this weekend… I’m killing two birds with one stone…I’m going down for business (have a very exciting meeting – hold thumbs) and pleasure (seeing my G – we’re going to a wedding in the Midlands.)

Happy Wednesday


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