Safari Blue: Zanzibar

“Jambo!” and “Hakuna Matata” are phrases you will here all the time when in Zanzibar. It’s the Swahili language for Hello and No worries respectively.

I can honestly say that this trip was one of my best yet. I spent the time with my family and my boyfriend celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday.

I have come back feeling recharged and motivated. I have so many great ideas for my radio show, my blog, my YouTube channel and I can’t wait to get cracking.

I also took over 1600 photos in my 10 days – which seems crazy, but it’s so easy to do when it’s just so picture perfect.

There were plenty of times that we weren’t allowed to take photos and often times when I’d say under my breath “Oooh such a perfect picture!” but wouldn’t be able to take it. After all, being in a different country with different cultures needs to be respected. The women and children were especially anti having their photos taken (some even shout at you), but when taking photos of the scenery it was impossible not to get them in. Sometimes I sneakily took photos hoping they wouldn’t see. However, with that being said, I was very mindful and would often ask permission first. Generally they wanted money, but sometimes they were quite obliging.

My mom, dad and their friends Art and Nancy from the US flew up a week before we did. Tandi, her boyfriend Ross and I flew up on Saturday the 09th of November and stayed at the hotel Double Tree by Hilton in Nungwi, North of the island. We celebrated my dad’s birthday on the 10th of November. On the 12th we drove to the East of the Island and stayed at Pongwe Beach Hotel. My boyfriend Socrates (Sox) joined us there until that Saturday the 16th, when my family and Nancy and Art flew back to SA, Sox and I went back to Double Tree so that he could experience Nungwi until the 19th of November. I scored with the extra days. Yay!

Well done to my mom who did all the bookings – what a logistical nightmare, but what a champion.

I have decided to do a few posts, purely because I have so many photo’s to share. This week I’ll take you on a trip to Zanzibar.

Starting off with the trip we did through Safari Blue. It’s a full day trip where they collect you at 8am, drive you for an hour to a boat and you set off to different reefs to snorkel. The water is like bath water and I still can’t get over how warm it is. We saw a whole new world of Zebra fish, Lobster, Eels, Angel fish, spiky Urchins, Lion fish and we found Nemo!

We got to snorkel in 2 different reefs and then we were taken to the lagoon where we could swim and just enjoy the stillness. The ocean is so salty and dense that you can literally bob in the water without having to tread water to keep yourself afloat.

After a refreshing swim, we sailed to another island where we were welcomed by African drums and singing. We feasted on a fish braai which was just delicious! The crayfish was outstanding.

After that we received plates full of fresh fruit. Super juicy and sweet.

On the island is a HUGE Baobab tree. In the first photo it just looks like a gorgeous Baobab tree, but in the next photo where Sox and I are standing next to it, you’ll get the idea of how massive it was.

We swam, suntanned and eventually sailed back to where we had come from.

It cost us $65 each, including the transport, the boat, the snorkelling, the incredible feast and an amazing experience.

Tandi braiding my hair on the bus ride
This brings back memories of being a little girl
The Schneider girls

Swimming in the lagoon
Arriving on the island to this awesome band

Pieces of fresh fish

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