Why you should never wear heavy earrings

I recently underwent surgery.

That sounds a lot more hectic than it actually is.

I was in hospital (doctors rooms) for literally 30 minutes, walked straight out and carried on with my day as normal.

Let me go back.

I got my ears pierced when I was 8 years old. It was a reward for learning how to swim. I was so excited and so nervous. I remember squeezing my moms hand as the piercing gun worked. It stung a bit, but I was just so happy to have studs in. I diligently kept turning them, cleaned them with surgical spirits and salt water and was thrilled when I could finally remove them and put other little earrings in.

Over the years of fashion trends, earrings have gone from being heavy chandeliers to basic pretty studs and back again.

I loved a good dangly, sparkly earring. Hell, I even went through the big J-Lo hoops phase.

What I didn’t realise is how those shiny, sparkly heavy earrings were pulling on my earlobe and the hole in it.

Before you cringe, I am lucky that my earlobe never split through completely. I’ve seen, heard and imagined the horror stories.

What forced me to finally fix my earring holes is because I lost a diamond stud. I was left with the butterfly in the earring hole – yes it had gone from the back and through the hole. The earring was devastatingly gone. I searched the V & A waterfront and retraced every step of mine, but it had vanished.

The earring hole in my left ear had stretched so much I couldn’t even keep a stud in and whilst I could wear a light dangly earring, I was always worried that I would actually become one of those horror stories – like a friend hugging me, getting the earring hooked and ripping it through or like Duke playing too roughly and ripping it through. I’ve clearly thought of many scenarios.

A doctor suggested that I see a plastic surgeon. I made an appointment with Dr. J Barnard. Whilst waiting in the waiting room, I sat looking at pamphlets on breast augmentation, tummy tucks and fillers and finally went through to meet the doctor.

I could see him looking me over and wondering what I could be coming in for… Nip and tuck of my ears, perhaps? A boob job? Botox?

Before I gave him the opportunity to guess and my leaving with insecurities, I quickly told him about my ears. I think he looked so disappointed at what an unchallenging job it was for him. Just kidding, but it really is probably his most boring surgery ever.

The earring hole in my right ear isn’t nearly as bad and he suggested that we only do a small surgical procedure on the left.

I have a theory on that… I only use my left ear when on the phone. Perhaps pressing the phone against my ear, with a heavy earring caused the extra stretch.

We scheduled a date and before I knew it, I was lying on the bed in his rooms waiting for him to give me local anaesthetic, cut the ear lobe and stitch it up. 2 stitches in the front, internally and at the back.

I apologise for the close ups of my ear.

Day 5

I don’t know why I was so anxious about it. I wasn’t sure how sore it would be when the anaesthetic wore off, but it only stung a little. I didn’t even have to take painkillers.

I used Bactroban the following day, was able to shower as normally and was even able to wear my headphones for my radio show (carefully.)

I had to return 1 week later to have the stitches removed and didn’t feel a thing. Amazing. The scar is  a little red, but it will heal in no time and I’m really thrilled at how fine the scar is. I also haven’t keloid, which I normally do.

I have to wait a month before I can pierce the ear again – not on the scar or above it, just next to it.

Some of my friends have asked why even re-pierce, but I honestly want to just wear beautiful studs or very very light tear drop earrings if need be.

So what’s the moral of the story? Get rid of your ridiculously heaving earrings. It’s just not worth it.

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