I am so bloody excited to be moving this weekend/Monday… It’s all happened quite quickly and yet at the same time it’s been a 7 month process too.

Sox and I bought an apartment last year with existing tenants (and a 2 year lease, which ends Feb 2016) and whilst we thought we would be able to reasonably get them out, that just hasn’t been the case. It’s been a headache.

In the interim, I moved in with Sox and his housemate, Giggs last July. It was meant to be for a maximum of 2 months.

Fast track to 7 months.

3 adults, 1 bathroom.

Surprisingly, it’s actually been an amazing adventure and I’m so grateful to Giggs for how awesome and great he has been with me intruding.

That being said, it hasn’t been easy living in a small space – I basically moved everything into Sox’s bedroom. I’ve had no real cupboard space (Sox and I have shared a cupboard) and it’s definitely been interesting. We have become very good (and not so good) at storing things smartly.

Cape Town has definitely become home, but in the nearly 2 years that I’ve moved, I have yet to feel settled.

I have been craving to create a home, a space that is mine and to have my own tea cups, plates and furniture. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait! Those dreams on my Pinterest boards can start becoming a reality!

We were constantly looking for places that our tenants could move into, but they never liked anything we found them and we have really battled to find anything at all.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning.

Whilst I was at Pilates, Sox went to view a place that had just come up for rentals. As I got home, I got a phone call from him asking me to bring his laptop and ID book to a coffee shop so that he could put in an application form quickly, whilst he was running around with work. Wait, what?

“I’ve found us a place! It is amazing. We have to have it.”

“Wait, who has to have it? Our tenants?”

“No. Us. They can continue living in our place for the next year as their lease states and we will rent this place! It’s perfect.”

“But when did you see it? What place? I haven’t even seen it yet!”

“I know! I saw it about an hour ago. You also never saw the apartment I bought, whilst you were in Durban filming, and you love that! Trust me. I know your taste, I know our taste. It’s awesome!”

It’s true… Sox got the most amazing deal done within 3 hours and whilst I was in the sky flying home from Durban, he was signing papers and became a new home owner. Luckily I do love the apartment and even luckier that we have the exact same taste.

We had to wait to see if our application was approved and I swear I turned myself into a pretzel crossing all things crossable, whilst wishing, hoping and praying.

Yesterday we got the call to say that the application had been approved and that we needed to sign a lease!

I am so bloody happy and excited. It felt like this day might never come and yet…it’s here. Sox and I will be moving on Monday… EEEEK!

It’s his birthday on Saturday and we were joking around saying that we will have a birthday party asking all our friends to come around and pack a box. When it’s my birthday 4 days later, we’ll have all our friends around to unpack a box. Funny, but tempting.

I can’t wait to see it and more importantly turn it into our home! If I go a bit quiet over the next few days just imagine I’m up to my eyeballs in packaging tape and boxes!

Wish us luck! The next time I’ll be blogging will hopefully be from our new home!

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