Little Monster

I forget how little Duke used to be… He really has grown into a monster, size wise and he’s only 6 months old. He has the most amazing character and an amazing personality… um, doganality? I can’t begin to explain how special this dog is. He is so protective – no one can come come near me and he can sense if I feel uneasy – he instantly stands in front of me or next to me and nudges into my leg so that I know he is there. He is so loving with his cuddles and nuzzles, he’s caring – he gets genuinely concerned if I happen to cry and licks my face, and he brings so much joy to everyone.

He’s not so little anymore. I can’t just scoop him up into my arms or onto my lap anymore – he’s a brute now but he’s adorable. He has such funny expressions and his face has really filled out into a proper Bulldog now. If he’s not grinning (see this post for his grin) then he looks so upset with the world. I managed to capture his unimpressed expression.

He’s gone from this “unimpressed look”:

To this:

He’s gone from this:

To this:

With my mom – or as she calls herself “Gran”

Sleep time with my mom’s Golden Retriever, Jadie. These 2 are best friends. So cute.

Couldn’t you just gobble him up?


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