Life Lately…

I received this beautiful card and You’re My Sunshine Lemon drop sweets in the post from Megan Hartwig. What’s really special about this is we’ve never met… but we connect so much via my blog and social media that I feel as if I know her well.

Thank you for brightening my day…

I went to have my nails manicured the other day with Essie nail polish and decided on a feature finger in silver glitter although in some light it can look gold.The pink colour is Fiji and the glitter is well, I never got the name of it…but it’s the silver glitter polish.

My feet were in desperate need of a good pedicure and the colour on my toes is: Essie’s California Coral.

I am absolutely loving cooking and eating healthy… Sox and I are in such a healthy lifestyle – we are Banting – and it really helps having someone who has the same healthy mindset.

The other day I arrived at his apartment to this amazing meal… How lucky am I?

Seared Tuna, spinach, tomatoes and goats cheese feta with avocado, lemon juice and black pepper
I am loving this combination…

My hair is FINALLY GROWING… Excuse me, while I do a happy dance…

I am finally able to braid my hair and I have the cheesiest grin on my face because of it…

A few weeks ago I flew to Johannesburg to be a part of this amazing photo shoot for a campaign I am very proud to be a part of… Blow the Whistle. It’s a campaign to bring awareness to crime, rape and violence. The whole campaign will be in the Legacy Lifestyle magazine coming out soon, but this weeks People Magazine have done a preview….

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