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I am finally off the crutches from my Archilles tendon Grade 2 tear… I’m healing up nicely and while I’m quite frustrated that I can’t get back to exercising with cardio, I am back on the health train and incorporating strength training back into my regime.

It’s not easy keeping a healthy lifestyle. It’s ultimately a choice. I try to make the best choices, but sometimes it’s impossible when you’re eating out, at functions, visiting friends who serve delicious lemon meringue pie, going on holiday to Plett etc etc etc… Anything can turn into an excuse and “I’ll start tomorrow…” becomes weeks and months. It reminds me of the mantra I used with the USN Challenge: “In a year from now, you will wish you had started today.”

Things are different now that I live by the sea (bucket list tick) … When you live in landlocked Joburg and people talk about getting “beach bodies” ready for Summer pool parties, the reality is, no one is really ever in a bikini at a pool party. We will put on a cute sundress and sit around chatting and catching up.

Things are very different here… When the warmer weather arrives, friends are going to want to meet up at the beach. Erm, you can’t exactly wear a sundress on the beach all day.

The need to be healthy, fit and toned has been enhanced. I now understand why Cape Town’s promenade, yoga studios, Sweat 1000 classes and gyms are constantly full. The need to look good is on a different level when you live by the beach.

Winter is the best time, but one of the hardest (damn you delicious stews and hot cocoa) to be healthy, train and eat right. When these Winter layers of clothes, jackets and scarves come off, I want to be toned and beach ready.

I have been eating right, lots of protein, vegetables and good fats. I snack on lean biltong and cashew nuts. I’m having to be strong and not give into my crazy sweet cravings. My blood sugar levels obviously need to stabilise (hence the cravings for things I ordinarily don’t eat, like caramel popcorn – so weird.)

If I’m not preparing food, I’m choosing healthy options like this organic chicken salad…

Otherwise I will prep a big tuna salad and take it with me to work…

I am also enjoying the strawberries that are still available…

I am not able to do any impact cardio like running, but I am trying this new workout called BODYTEC. I went for my first session on Monday and let me tell you… I am so sore and stiff I actually can’t believe it.

It’s scary how quickly your body can feel like it’s back to square one when you don’t exercise often… Thankfully and hopefully, muscle memory will kick in and I’ll become stronger soon.

I’ll let you know more about BODYTEC and my experience after a few more sessions. I’ve had one so far and I’m impressed with how quickly my body has reacted to it, but before I get ahead of myself, let me give it a decent trial.

In other news, while I am trying be healthy, I am also wanting to get my hair healthy. I’ve been chatting to a few people about different hair salons in Cape Town. I’m still so new here and trying to suss out where to go, who to go to and so on.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Scar Hair and had to try them out. My hairstylist, Florin and I clicked straight away. We didn’t stop chatting and laughing. I explained what I wanted and sat nervously in the chair.

I always find it nerve-wracking when someone new is dealing with my hair. Especially when I am going for a change. I often wonder if I’ve explained precisely what I want. I always bring a photograph of what I’d like, but I still sit anxiously waiting to see the end result.

I have wanted my hair to look more natural, but I haven’t wanted my hair to become too dark or dull. There is such a fine line with a natural darker blonde and brown.

I got quite a fright at first because it looked so dark. As soon as we started drying it, I saw the true colour emerge and while it’s a gradual change, it’s still a change.

I’m glad the yellow superficial blonde tones are gone. Florin got it spot on. Yay!

I love the darker blonde for Winter and my hair feels healthier. I’ll save the bleach for Summer.

Scar Hair, by the way, is awesome. Everyone is so warm and welcoming; I felt like I was immediately part of the family.

Thanks for the copious cups of tea and catch up reading the fashionable magazines

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