Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to the best dad in the world: Charles Schneider.

My dad as cliched as it sounds, is my hero. He is the most incredible man with a heart of gold, an admirable strength and a laugh that is contagious.

I really appreciate that he has always and is always there for me. It doesn’t matter how old I’ll get, I’ll always be his little girl and I kinda like that.

He is the man who had been the only male face supporting me in her choir recitals and hockey games. All the moms were there to support, including mine and my dads. He is the man who would fetch me from a party at night, but never be embarrassing by walking into the party. He is the man who has a hearty, loud laugh you can hear from down the hall way. He is the man who will do anything for his girls. He is the man who burst out crying when he told my mom, my little sister and I that the vet had to put down our St. Bernard puppy. He is the man who sneaks the last biscuit, crumbs caught in his beard and then denies it with a naughty boyish grin on his face. He is the man who cleaned up my vomit after I had told him I was sick from eating bad fish, when instead I had ridiculously said I’d never been drunk before to some friends, and they proceeded to get me wasted on tequila.

He is the man who told me not all men are assholes and helped me move my furniture and pack boxes while my heart was breaking. He is the man who would bring me tea in bed every single morning, but not before tickling my feet, throwing open the curtains and in a sing song voice say: “Good Morning!! Rise and Shine shweety!!” It drove me mad, but I miss it now that I don’t live at home anymore.

He is the man who is quietly strong, who believes in the right thing, even if it is the hard thing. He is the man who believes in my mom, my sister and I succeeding in life and doing what we love and what we have a passion for. If we try something, we give it our best shot before we give it up. He is the man who always says: “You’re not rich enough to buy second best.”

He is the man who sometimes resembles a puffed up peacock – proudly and loudly saying out my full name in coffee shops or other stores and asking me loudly about work on the radio station, hoping someone will hear him and see it’s “me.”

He is the man who wears the latest fashion and still asks us our opinion on ties and shirts and shoes.  He is the man who I disappoint over and over again, but he never stops loving me or wanting me to be the best. He is the man who will drop everything to bring me something I urgently needed, like clothes or important documents or food because I’m working late. He is the man who would buy my sister and I custard slices for Saturday breakfasts years ago, when mom went to her art class. He would have a twinkle in his eyes… it was our dad and daughter secret. He is the man who listens to the songs on the radio but never hears the lyrics, only the music and the beats.

I am so proud to have him as my own… my dad.

Thank you for being such a solid rock and showing me that decent men exist.


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