Happy Easter

I have been completely spoilt after we all made a pact that we wouldn’t do gifts and eggs this year. Pact broken, I received Geldof chocolate eggs, a gorgeous black biker jacket (been wanting one for ages and haven’t found the right one, but my mom managed and I love her style) and a cappuccino colour cuddle blanket for winter when I watch DVDs.

My sister also hid my Easter eggs around the house so that I had to go an Easter Egg hunt. I won’t lie… I loved it. I miss Easter egg hunts and I’m kinda sad that we’ve grown up.

I am going to an Easter lunch with my family to my sisters boyfriends family. I am full just thinking about all the food.

I can’t wait though. My mom has made the desserts – her famous Tiramisu and Poached Pears in red wine and cinnamon.


I hope you have a blessed day with your friends and families.

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