Germs, Gold and (Walnut) Grove

I literally have not got out of bed, other than to shower, since Thursday. I had such a fever that for the first 3 days I just slept and have been pretty weak.

This flu virus is nasty and I really hope you’re upping your multi vitamin and Vitamin C intake.

I have seriously had such cabin fever and I’m glad to be up and about today.

Over the past few days, I have done nothing other than sleep and watch the Olympics. I personally loved the Olympics Opening Ceremony… sure there were times when I was like: “Um…??” but Mr. Bean and James Bond saved the day! Just brilliant and what an amazing set. Well done London!

When the countries started entering the arena, I sat there with my mouth on the floor. Honestly… I felt like I was in a bad Geography lesson. Firstly, I’d never heard of some of those countries before – in fact at one stage I was talking to my TV saying: “Oh c’mon! You’re making that name up!”

Secondly, it made me realize how untraveled I really am. Sigh.

I was making a mental travel wish list based purely on the “hotness” of the athletes.

Scientific research.


Last night I did a “Tom Cruise” on my couch when Cameron van der Burgh won the gold medal and smashed a world record in the Men’s 100m Breaststroke. I was absolutely BURSTING with pride and actually had an emotional lump in my throat when our South African national anthem played out at the medal ceremony. Bravo!!

In other news, I was planning to blog about the YOU Magazine Spectacular Awards, but since I wasn’t able to go, that isn’t really going to happen…

But I remembered I had this post written up and forgot to publish it. Clearly I was keeping it for a “rainy” day… A day just like this one…

A few weeks ago I was invited to the relaunch of Walnut Grove in Sandton City. Walnut Grove is that famous restaurant in the middle of Sandton City that has been around for years. I was thrilled to hear it was being revamped and modernized. It’s the right time too.

It looks absolutely sensational with a gorgeous crystal tree and a menu that will have you salivating…We got to try it in bite sizes. Divine.

The night had us entertained by a lovely violinist, an artist, dancers – who have made me rethink yoga and of course wonderful company…

It was also my first event using my new iPhone, so all the pics are from that.

 Right… Definitely signing up for Yoga!

With Chris Forrest
With the wonderful Ingrid Roding-Tudor from Shed Marketing
L-R: Ingrid, Sangoma, Natasha, Tabitha, Chris and Bailey


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