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Family Day at The Aquarium

On Sunday, we picked Sox’s Mom, my Mom in Law, Dimitra up and went to The Aquarium.

It’s George’s second time at the Two Oceans Aquarium – we first went with my good friend Chelsea and her baby boy, Max – but this was our first time as a family.

We were starving, so we decided to first eat at the Vista Marina restaurant at the Aquarium and had a brunch.

Do you see his 2 bottom teeth peeking out? They both arrived on the same day (12 Feb.)

Of course, Georgie fell asleep at the end of Brunch…

So we decided to walk around The Watershed and the V&A Food Market until he woke up. 

On our way back to the Aquarium, because Mister woke up from his nap, we bumped into friends of ours… Ethan and George gave each other a hug…

George wasn’t too sure about it! Haha

I’m not sure who was more excited about the Aquarium… Georgie or us. It definitely brings out your inner child and I love that we are getting to see the world afresh through his eyes.

I often wish I knew what he was thinking… Babies should come with speech bubbles.

Just a few tips for going to The Two Oceans Aquarium with a baby:

  1. Buy a year membership online (it’s cheaper online) for R356. A once-off visit is R165, so if you’re planning to go a minimum of 3x a year, you’ll have paid that already… and the likelihood of going more often now that I have the membership is high. I also love that you don’t stand in queues and it’s 10% off at the Vista Marina restaurant.
  2. Take a baby carrier. We have the Baby Bjorn. The first time I went with Chelsea and Max, the pram wasn’t great as the tanks are a little higher and you want to put the babies up to the glass, so it’s either carrying them on your hip, or in the carrier.
  3. Do show them the touch pool. George loved splashing in it and feeling the lettuce seaweed.

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  • Reply Linda

    We were at the Aquarium 2 weeks ago. Also bought the year membership as we plan on visiting more often. The new Jellyfish display was amazing! Every time we go, the kids learn something new, I do too…

    February 25, 2018 at 2:43 pm
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