Dreaming of a Mediterranean Summer

I like waking up early and going into the kitchen to boil the kettle for tea. It’s far too cold to just be barefoot, so these days I wear my white slippers and pull on a fluffy robe.

If it’s misty, rainy and gloomy, I can faintly hear the fog horn. I don’t find it as eerie as some, it’s rather romantic. Perhaps I’ve read too many novels with beach houses and lighthouses. They fascinate me.

If it’s not raining, the sky is blue and the ocean glistens, but not as brightly as it normally does under a bright, hot Summer sun. I can see slivers of the ocean from the open balcony and I love sitting there breathing in the salty air.

This week, however, it has become too cold to sit out there for long, even with a warm blanket and vanilla tea.

The sounds of my Joburg Hadeda birds have been replaced by those of seagulls, unless it’s blowing a gale, in which case the apartment sounds like it’s haunted with sinister whistling and howling.

I do love the Wintery weather. It has a different type of charm to it, but I’m always going to be a Summer baby.

My tan has faded completely, my skin is dry and thirsty no matter how much body butter and oil I rub in and last years Achilles Tendon tear injury aches in the cold.

It’s not even real Winter yet and already I am dreaming of Summer.

Oh boy.

I’m dreaming of a Mediterranean Summer.

Greece to be exact.

Greece has always been #2 on the Travel Wish List, long before meeting my Greek boyfriend.

I want to learn about their ancient culture, listen to the beautiful language and wander the cobblestone streets. I want to admire the beautiful architecture, soak up the sunshine on their breathtakingly beautiful beaches, swim in the turquoise bathwater ocean, drink frappes and wine, eat olives soaked in homemade olive oil with hummus and halloumi. I want to dance and smash plates (or is that a commercialised thing now?)

I want to experience a Greek sunrise and sunset.

I want to see where Socrates’ was born and meet the rest of his family – I’ve met the family members who live here in South Africa.

I want to picture everything in reality and not just in my head when he talks about his Greek stories.

I want to take my camera and GoPro and capture magical moments.

These pictures from Pinterest make me long for sunshine and weirdly enough, redecorating in white and blue.

We have been planning our trip. We just need to book tickets this week. How very very exciting.

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