Dear Mom…

Dear Mom…

As a little girl I wanted to be just like you – from dressing up in your heels and lipstick, to having my hair exactly like yours! As I grew older, I hoped to have your creativity, your sense of travel and adventure, your kindness, your nurturing, healing and amazing spirit!

4 February 1986

Thank you for teaching me some of the most amazing things like:

Drinking enough water and making sure I eat enough vegetables. Sorry for the the eye rolls when I was little. 

You taught me to listen to my gut – no matter what – even if it isn’t what I wanted it to be. You have always said it will never fail me and you’ve been right. Every single time.

You taught me something I only appreciate now that I’m older. Just because everyone else is doing it, it doesn’t mean I have to. I’m grateful for the “No’s” I encountered for certain parties, sleep overs etc. Sure, at the time I thought you were awful, unfair and the worst – teenage angst – but boy am I grateful for your love and knowing better than this teenage “know it all.”

You taught me to travel and soak up all the sounds, tastes, scenery and experiences that new cultures bring. It’s something I wish I did more of, but when I do get the chance I appreciate it all.

Mom in Zanzibar

You shared your love of creativity, art and photography with me and I’d like to think that it’s certainly rubbed off. You taught me how to see the beauty in things.

All those years of helping you in the kitchen has taught me how to cook and bake delicious hearty meals. I used to hate helping purely because I wanted to be the one who stirred, but instead you’d make me fetch ingredients or take dishes to the sink. It’s only now that I’m older that I realise how much I really did learn from you. I miss cooking with you.

I learned how to apply my make up from hours of watching you apply perfume, mascara, lipstick, and blush. I saw you apply mascara the other day and I’ve realised I have the same flick of the wrist and the same shape pursed lips as you. It made me smile.

Follow your heart, Bailey. Find your bliss. Do things that make you happy. This is something you take very seriously in telling me and reminding me from time to time.

Mom, I really appreciate that you taught me to love nature, to indulge in it, to breathe deeply and to never take it for granted. To be aware of my surroundings from the trail of ants to the new buds on a tree.

You have this incredible ability to heal – I swear you have a built in medical degree. I’m in awe of how you always diagnosed Dad, Tandi and I correctly and knew exactly what to do and what medicine/healing was needed. I remember you correctly diagnosing chicken pox – something that the doctors insisted it wasn’t until they feebly realised they had been wrong.

You’ve nursed me back to health with your magical chicken soup and cups of tea. As I’ve gotten older, I definitely feel I have inherited your ability. A gut feeling of healing, if that makes sense.

No matter how old I get or where I am; when I’m sick I always have a craving for you.

Mom, Bailey and Tandi

You’ve always taught me how important it is to be myself. I remember this was especially prevalent in my teenage years when I was just wanting to conform/blend in/fit in. You taught me to appreciate who I am, what I have to offer – quirks and all and to not be afraid if it was slightly different to others.

I love that you taught me how to be kind to everyone no matter their walk of life. It’s important to always treat people with respect and to see the best in people first, but not to be naive either if they show their true colours.

Mom you have wiped away my tears, taught me how to heal a broken heart while crying with me and smoothing my hair. You’ve taught me how important it is to pick myself back up after a disappointment or a life knock.

You taught me to always respect myself, my values, my morals and to keep my essence true.

You are always there for me and there isn’t one instance that I can think of where you haven’t been present. I’ve never ever been let down or disappointed by you.

We haven’t always seen eye to eye and as a teen I don’t think I appreciated you enough, or the guidance you were giving but now that I am older, I understand, respect and appreciate everything you did for me. You helped turn me into who I am today and I am still learning from you daily. 

You are a remarkable woman and I love you mom, with all of my heart and try to make your proud all the time.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for everything.

All my love and appreciation,


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