Computer says "No!"

If you happened to be in the iStore in Fourways this morning, you would have seen a blonde woman crying.

That would have been me.

I’m writing this from my phone…

It seems like technology doesn’t like me much lately.

Firstly – I dropped my phone, which would have been bad enough. except that I dropped my phone into a puddle.

The speaker sounded very muffled, so it sat in a bowl of rice and *touch wood* it seems to be working.

Last week I decided to do a back up to my external hard drive and I also wanted to get some photos off it too.

I learnt the hard way when my laptop got stolen last year. Now I back up every time I remember.

Admittedly – still not often enough!

After frustratingly trying to get it to work, I took it to the pros. It turns out the external hard drive has crashed. I now need to do data retrieval to get everything and I mean everything aka my life off the drive. Super expensive.

Fast forward 10 days… I arrive in Joburg and as I switch on my MacBook Pro, it worked for a short while and when I came to work on it, I got nothing. Just a white screen and the sound like its trying to boot up but isn’t.

Fast forward to the blonde girl crying in the iStore this morning and you get the technicians telling me that my internal hard drive has crashed. He says: Oh I do hope you have recently backed up everything on an external hard drive.

Cue tears.

What are the chances?


Are you !$&” kidding me? BOTH internal and external?

I am beyond frustrated. I am hoping I am able to retrieve data or I have lost all my  work, all my writing, all my photographs, my videos, my music, sentimental folders… Everything 

If I go quiet, please know that I am doing my best to fix all of this.

Be back real soon.

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